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Last week I asked if anyone had questions they’d like me to answer on Facebook. I got some GREAT questions and really appreciate you taking the time to ask them. I did a series of videos (I think I ended up with seven or eight of them) and I thought I’d bring you a couple every now and then. This is the first installment so when you see me mention searching on the site to find the others, just ignore me 🙂
    Celebrity Chef Question, Most Pinch Yourself Moment, etc

    This video is me answering diet questions, what my favorite utensils are, etc.

    To view the notecard I mentioned in my answer to the diet question, please click here.

  • If you’d like to ask a question you can leave it in the comments section below and I’ll try to get to it in future videos
  • This past summer I did a series of live blogging question and answer videos with the facebook family as well. To see all of them in one post, please click here.
  • I posted a very inspiring and heartwarming passage from a book I read that I really think will resonate with you. Click here to read it.

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  1. OMGolly, how special do I feel that you picked my question!! And I stumped you to boot! I cant believe that all you could think of is hair goodies and fruit. Too funny! I am the same way – tell me I have extra money and my first instinct is to get the kids something, then the house – stuff for me always comes last. My momma was the same way. I think it just means that we are extra good mommies!
    I know exactly what you mean about the shampoo. I use the Loreal stuff and its 5-something a bottle, plus the conditioner – I always choke a little on the inside when I put it in the buggy. But it makes my hair look pretty, so I suffer in the name of vanity 🙂
    And you can always tell when we have had a little extra in the piggy bank on any given week by looking in the pantry – I get the “good” cereal for the kids, the “good” dog food, and a little something chocolatey for myself! Ha!
    We have Bi LO here, not sure if they are in Alabama or not – very similar to Krogers (my granddaddy retired from Kroger, by the way)- and I do like the extra personal touch that they offer. I shop there enough for the bakery lady to recognize my little boy – she knows he loves to get a cookie and usually has one in her hand for us when she sees us headed her way.

    ***disclaimer – the comment about walmart burning down was meant to be humorous – if any walmart person reads this, I promise I am not a crazy person or terrorist – just wanted to throw Christy for a loop 🙂

    Have a great night, Christy, and thanks for answering!!

  2. Just LOVE you, Christy. You are such a little sweetie. May God bless your sweet self and your little family always. I am so glad to have found your blog. I agree with the others – you are like a long lost friend. (I have a Brady too – so fun to see that you do too). My dear grandmother (who passed away in 2001) made the same fried pies that your grandma Lela made. When I saw your recipe, it sure made me miss her. Hugs to you!!!

  3. You said on your blog that you had 18 living grandparents when you were born. Can you explain that? How is that possible? You must have had some crazy family dinners! How about some funny stories? I thought I had a lot of grandmothers with 5 (my grandfather got around)! Anyway, love your blog & your accent. Southern people are the best!

  4. Christy, loved your videos!
    Why not have a contest and let the winner (and her grandmama) either come to you to cook, or you go spend a day with them. My grandma’s are long gone, but a lot of your younger readers could have fun and honor theirs with this.

  5. Christy, watched your first of two videos done 1/13/11.
    Re: Where you’d go to spend $100. I suggest going to U G White Merchantile Store on NW side of Square in Sts in Athens, AL. I recall going there with my mom, who passed in 1980. We loved browsing thru the cookware, dishes, etc.

    I could be wrong on time and place…but I believe I bought my PRESTO 16-qt pressure/canner at a HW Going-Out-of-Business Store either in Fayetteville, TN or near Martin, TN in early 1970’s. The old HW Stores in downtown, Lynchburg, TN, are fun to browse, too.

    Re: Meeting Grandma Cooks…I married in 1967; we set-up housekeeping in Conway, TN, between my husband’s parents and paternal grandparents, and aunt & uncle. My husband’s maternal Grandma lived in the country, near Murfreesboro, TN. We were young newlyweds, and the whole family would pile in his parents’ stationwagon on Christmas to visit his Grandma, who lived in a house with no elec or running water. She cooked on a wood stove, with the warming shelf above the burners (on which a baked hen set with the browned skin glistening)…a coal stove in the bedroom/living room for heat. We crowded around the stove in straight chairs, sat on the bed, stools, etc. Grandma would be expecting us to drive up the rutty, muddy drive to her house, the dog would come barking from under the house to greet or warn us. There would be other close-by relatives whom we had not seen in a while, there, too. Grandma had been cooking for a month…cakes galore, setting in the unheated, side room…made with scaley-barks (hickory nuts), black walnuts she had scavenged and picked out herself..jam cakes made with blackberries she had picked, peach pies made with her own dried fruit.

    In the mid-60’s, when my husband was off at college, before we married, she would mail him a jam cake on his birthday in FEB. (Of course, Grandma’s jam cake became his favorite.) Her money was short, but she saved and managed to give each of us a Christmas gift. She gave my husband and me a nut bowl, shaped like an acorn, with a squeeze cracker and picks. He still had it when he passed last year. She was content with what she had; we loved hearing her tell of ‘olden days’. A neighbor picked her up on Church days.

  6. Love the vidoes – like chatting with an old friend or family member. In the video you mentioned the best ting ever!!! How many of you would love to see our very own Christy Jordan on a cooking show….cooking old family recipes with different grandmas? Made for her! PERFECT!!!

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