Bloggers Read Mean Comments

This video was originally published on Facebook. Click here to visit that post if you would like to read all of the comments there. 

Recently, I joined up with my friends Southern Bite and The Country Cook to go over some of the more interesting comments we’ve received lately as bloggers.
Warning: This is not family friendly. We did use bleeps but comments were read as they were written and y’all know the internet 

Stay tuned for more fun at the end – including a song and dance number!

Filmed at the wonderful Eagles Ridge Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


  1. Thanks to all three of you. That was pretty funny, and it made my day. Laughing at these mean and toxic twits is about all that you can do. I don’t know that they are teachable. I hope they are, but in my darker moments, I don’t believe that they are. I’m glad that you all said that 99%+ of us are nice to you and that you appreciate us, because we appreciate you, but the toxics certainly just glom onto too much attention.

  2. You ALL are wonderful!! Love your recipes and appreciate you sharing with all of us on the “inter-webs”! I am Italian, but let me just say, in my best southern accent of course, ” Bless their hearts “!!!

  3. That was priceless! I can’t imagine anyone being mean or nasty to either of you guys! I guess no one ever took them to Sunday school. Bless their hearts!

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