Bloggers Read Mean Comments

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This video was originally published on Facebook. Click here to visit that post if you would like to read all of the comments there. 

Recently, I joined up with my friends Southern Bite and The Country Cook to go over some of the more interesting comments we’ve received lately as bloggers.
Warning: This is not family friendly. We did use bleeps but comments were read as they were written and y’all know the internet 

Stay tuned for more fun at the end – including a song and dance number!

Filmed at the wonderful Eagles Ridge Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


  1. I only follow three food bloggers because I don’t really like to cook, but I do follow you three!!! Boy was I surprised to see you all together having such fun. This video made me giggle and made my day!

      1. I also do not cook but I follow Christy . I own all of her cook books and love to read the stories. I even had a northern friend visit me and I gave him a copy of Christy’s first book to know a little more of my southern heritage.

  2. I don’t really feel I “know” the other 2 folks like I feel I “know” you, but……it hurts me to know that you all receive so many negative comments. On the other hand, I know that such is a part of being publicly known and seen. Being large in the public eye. It is inevitable. From that perspective I wish you all could acknowledge that it happens and simply move past it. Yes, I know saying “simply” is easy for me to say since I am not the brunt of the comments. I have negative things said about me at work and it is sometimes very difficult for me to get beyond those negative things and the feelings that provoked them.
    I am thankful that it seems that all 3 of you can laugh about these comments, but I sense that it still hurts you, even though you understand what drives them. Again – I understand. But…..I think maybe talking about the negative things gives them more weight and keeps them alive. The whole “kid misbehaving because it gets him attention” thing, maybe.
    A quote:
    “He drew a circle that shut me out-
    Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
    But love and I had the wit to win:
    We drew a circle and took him In !
    Maybe we can try – yes, TRY – to love and include that person rather than reacting negatively to what he/she said in his/her ignorance.

    ???? make sense?
    I do love you and what you do and the tremendous influence for good that you have.!!

    1. First of all, thank you for your kindness and compassion. We/I really appreciate it. 🙂 Of course it bothers us, to an extent, as we are still human. We process in many ways that the public will never see or hear about and there have been countless times that I responded in love to a nasty person.
      I don’t think the average person understands the sheer volume of this that we have to deal with on a daily basis, so it is difficult to offer a feasible working option from the outside looking in. There are 200,000+ on my Facebook, 50,000+ on Pinterest, 25,000+ on my Twitter, and 100,000+ on my email list. Just this website gets upwards of 80 million views a month so you can begin to imagine the volume of negativity, even if it is only 1%. And we work solo on the back end of things so it’s just us and them.
      I actually tell a funny story about a series of months that I spent praying for one such person and how God moved in that situation, but that is something I talk about in my “in person” talks. I’m not sure if it would translate as nearly as funny “on paper”!
      We hope you enjoyed the humor in the video and I’m so glad you’re here. Have a blessed day!

      C J

      1. Well Christy no one needs toxic people in their lives it can literally make
        You sick. You method of moving on and embracing the Google and positive is the best way to do lt. Eel sorry for them and move on they do not deserve a piece of your life..

        1. Good not Google bad tablet has a mind of it’s own. And feel sorry
          what an eel would do have no idea going to have a talk with this

  3. You are responsible!! I’ve never seen any of those personally nasty comments, but I’ve bristled up reading comments cutting up your recipes. Like all the low fat, no soup type people, etc. I’ve wondered how you can just let it roll off your back as they cut up your recipes. You do a great job(except for the diabetes epidemic).

    1. Yeah, Al, I’m awfully sorry about the whole diabetes thing. I had my Raygun set to sunshine and rainbows and somehow it malfunctioned and the world ended up with diabetes instead. 🙂 It gets easier with time – and it really helps to have other bloggers that help ya process the negative nellies in one ear and out the other 🙂
      I hope you have a great evening!

  4. This was hilarious! I am always stunned at what people will say under the anonymity of the internet. So glad y’all don’t let the haters get you down. And BTW, I have used many recipes from each of you, none of them has ever tasted or looked like $!*£. Oh! Now I have to go wash my mouth out with soap


  5. I loved that video, I love your recipes, all of them,from all of you. Thank you for making my day again.

  6. Oh my goodness, this was a hootThanks for the laugh. Glad you can take a negative and turn it into a positive!

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