Bloggers Read Mean Comments

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This video was originally published on Facebook. Click here to visit that post if you would like to read all of the comments there. 

Recently, I joined up with my friends Southern Bite and The Country Cook to go over some of the more interesting comments we’ve received lately as bloggers.
Warning: This is not family friendly. We did use bleeps but comments were read as they were written and y’all know the internet 

Stay tuned for more fun at the end – including a song and dance number!

Filmed at the wonderful Eagles Ridge Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


  1. These comments simply shocked me, and I’m not a spring chicken who never experienced ugliness from people. I have to ask myself *why* the commenters keep reading your blogs if they feel this way about your recipes. If I don’t like something, I don’t go back for a double helping of more. That would be screwy.
    My favorite comment was the one Brandie received, “Your chicken looks rubbery.” I am going to incorporate that into my comments as a mental insult, the kind I think but never say aloud. It can imply anything, such as, “I don’t know what’s wrong with him; I guess his chicken must be rubbery!”
    Bless you folks, your families, and the work you do. Try to look upon the commenters as I look on the people who treat me badly, as opportunities to pray for people who need to have God in their hearts. And we can tell they need God in their hearts because their comments show that their chickens are just all kinds of rubbery.

  2. My Mama would say, “Honey, be nice, we’re all just trying to get into heaven. It’s just more of a struggle for some.” My Daddy would say, “Darling, some people just go into their day like someone p*ssed in their cornflakes. Don’t assume responsibility for their misery. It’s self made.” Love your recipes, but do wish you would start “Recipes for Two”…perhaps when your baby chickens have left your loving nest?

    1. You hang in there with me, Anne, because you are right, recipes for two are coming! One thing that I have enjoyed about Southern Plate is that I am able to modify the things I post based on where my life is at the moment. I used to post all the cutesy little things when the kids were little and now it’s evolved to what types of things we do now – I leave the cutesy stuff for the younger moms 🙂 I love your comment, so much wisdom!! Thank you!!!!!! “Don’t assume responsibility for their misery, it’s self made.” BRILLIANT

  3. Ya’ll are such a hoot! LOL, good humor and good attitudes go a long way. Thank you for sharing and for the bleeps, hehe. Keep up the good work you all do.

  4. I wish I felt like laughing. There’s so much meaness in the world .The wicked can’t tolerate joy. That is what this site ( Southern Plate) brings to cooking, and to the readers. A southern reply is CONSIDER THE SOURCE! “OUT OF THE MOUTH THE HEART SPEAKETH” (KJV)

  5. Wow, you three are a hoot. I’m so glad that y’all have a good sense of humer otherwise you would be mad at these people…I can’t believe some people… Y’all are all great, just continue with what you’re doing and God will continue blessing you…Love you all, happy cooking and blogging !!!

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