Books A Million Warehouse Signing

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Yesterday I went to the Books A Million warehouse in Florence, Alabama to sign some books for them to distribute to their stores.

BAMM has been so supportive of me and I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. They even sent out a dedicated email about my book a few weeks back!

This is me and my friend, Jamie. Jamie is a student at UNA in the same department I graduated from and they’ve been very kind to let her help me out some this semester as I am working on a cooking show for them that will take place next week.

Jamie and Christine had the hard work! They unpacked and packed all of the books as I signed them. I worried about their poor backs!

After you sign your name so many times your handwriting just gets worse and worse…not that mine was good to begin with. My handwriting was so bad on some books that I had to write little disclaimers 🙂

and sometimes I made up for it with little doodles, too 🙂

It is all I could do not to find a photo of me and draw a moustache and beard



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