Butterscotch Chow Mein Candy


If you’re looking for a super simple recipe to make with your little ones, this one is basically fool proof and so fun for toddlers! 

Chow Mein Candy

You will need: Bag of butterscotch chips, little bit of shortening, and chow mein noodles!

Pour chips into saucepan. (You can easily microwave this if you’d rather)

Add one tablespoon of shortening.

Stir over low heat until melted.

Pour in Chow Mein noodles.
Stir until it looks like this!

Spoon onto waxed paper and let dry until hardened.

YUMM!! These Butterscotch Chow Mein Candies are super simple and my kids go crazy over them! A great cooking project for any kid to do with their parents!



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  1. Do these ever go bad? I have some leftover in a ziplock baggy that my grandmother made and I’m wondering if I can still eat them!!

  2. In NC we called these Haystacks, like you said! Our recipe is a little different as we used half a bag of butterscotch chips and half a bag of semi-sweet, a bag of chow mein noodles and salted roasted peanuts (any kind but in those days there wasn’t any such thing as “dry roasted”). I’ve seen some with mini marshmallows in the mixture but not us. We just melted the chips in a pan over low heat then added the nuts and noodles, mixed well and dropped on wax paper. Hmmm…Nuts and Noodles has a ring to it. lol

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