Five Things I REALLY Want You To Make!

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Today’s top five is a list of five things on SouthernPlate

that I really want you to make!

Mama’s Hoe Cake

Hoe Cake varies from family to family. Most traditional recipes for hoe cake are based on corn meal but my Mama’s is more of a big old fluffy-as-a-cloud biscuit with a crunchy crust. Delicious with homemade apple butter.

Chicken Planks

Delicious, tender fried chicken with the shortest ingredient list you’ve ever seen! Many a bicycle was parked out front of our house on the nights Mama made these!

Southern Steak and Milk Gravy

I like to find cube steak on sale and package in individual quart sized freezer bags to mix this up or a quick lunch for myself sometimes. Mama used to make it all the time and she’d pour the gravy all over it and put the whole whowha in a big old bowl.

(This post is old as Methuselah!)

Yellow Cake with old Fashioned Peanut Butter Icing

One of those old fashioned fudge like icing recipes you just don’t find anymore.

Frozen cranberry banana salads

A very special recipe from a very special lady. Mix up a batch of these and store them in the freezer to bring out for a dessert treat anytime.


I feel like a tiny bird with a big song!

– Jerry Van Amerongen


  1. I learned to make staek and gravy the same way from watchimg my mother-in-law. It is my husband’s favorite meal.

  2. I just received my book and it is awesome!!!!! It is so great to hear that it may make it to the bestseller list. I know that God has His hand on you because of all the wonderful things that you are accomplishing. You have been blessed with a natural talent for what you do. I enjoy each email, all the delicious recipes and love to be a part of your family when you share what Brady and Katy are doing. Just keep up the wonderful work that you are doing and continue to be your true self. May God continue to bless Southern Plate and your family.

  3. Oh, Christy! I received your cookbook today. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes: joy for you and your family and joy for everyone privileged to have their lives enriched by your recipes and your words. An enduring and indelible gift!

    Karen in AL via TN

  4. Christy, that’s so cool about the book maybe making the best seller list! Now I’m all nervous that people are going to be critical about your book just for the sake of being mean. I’m sure they’ll say their complaints are justified, but I think some people just get pleasure from being mean. I got your book the day it came out and haven’t had a whole lot of time to look at it (very busy with school at the moment), but I love what I’ve read so far and plan to review it on Amazon when I’m finished. So far it has 37 5 star reviews on Amazon! Also, of the 5 recipes you’ve suggested, I have made all but the frozen salads. I’m not really into bananas, but the other recipes are fantastic. The chicken planks I just made this week and the fried steak I’ve been making since long before I found your blog.

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