Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas

I’m about to get on my soap box today but before I do that I’m gonna tell you a little about the recipe I’m bringing you. This is a fun and kid friendly treat that the whole family can get in on making and everyone can customize to their own tastes. Whats even better is that it is inexpensive (can you believe how cheap bananas are?) and a much healthier alternative to ice cream and frozen novelty treats at the grocery store. Of course, as with anything there is a lighter version and a bring-on-the-calories version so I’ll leave that part up to you to decide. I love frozen bananas plain myself, but they do pack quite a wallop when you coat them in chocolate and dust them with sprinkles or nuts!

Having introduced the recipe, now I’m gonna get on my soap box.

~clears throat and pulls out a tiny wooden box from her back to stand up on as she starts her sermon~

I’m a big believer in all things happening for a reason. I also believe that the reason things happen is to help us become better people or so that we can help others in some way. Whether it be a little unexpected money (is there someone I am supposed to help with this?) , a problem or situation I’m struggling with (how this make me a better person?), or sometimes just a saying or quote that is weighing heavily on my heart (is there someone in my life that needs to hear this today?).

Oftentimes a quote will start nagging at me, one that just seems to stick in my head until I take time to turn it over and do something with it. It’s always a little bit of timeless wisdom that can reach out and resonate with us or help us get our heads on a little straighter. When this happens, I figure someone needs to hear it as much as I do and I’ll post it here or on our Facebook page.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m special or better than anyone else, all I’m saying is that I believe things happen for a reason and that we are all here for a reason. While I can’t testify to what your reason is, I know mine and I’ll just bet yours is somewhat similar. I think we all share a common thread, we’re here to build each other up as we go about our growing and becoming whatever it is we are meant to be.

You know how you hear “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? Well I think we need to look at the flipside of that as well (and I’ve even mentioned this before on SP).

If you think something nice, you should say it whenever possible.

So often we keep our kind thoughts to ourselves but I do my best to say them out loud when I can. Have you ever been in the grocery store and had someone compliment you on your blouse or your hairstyle? I’ll admit this is tricky if its someone of the opposite gender so I’m not encouraging that but just last week I saw this lady in Krogers and she had the prettiest blouse on. It was light blue linen with embroidery all over it. She was an older lady with the kindest eyes and I just had to stop and tell her how beautiful her shirt was. She was so kind and gracious in return and I feel certain that one little encounter made both of our days a little brighter.

So here is what I posted it on Facebook and sure enough, people chimed in with “that is just what I needed to hear today” so I got the affirmation that I did what I was supposed to do with it. Just in case you’re one of the folks I am supposed to share this with today I’m gonna put it here, too.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.” ~Dale Carnegie.

Great reminder that we need to build each other up and not keep company with folks who tear others down. Thankful for all the wonderful people in my life (that means you!).

Does this quote speak to you today or is there something that is weighing on your heart that you think will lift somebody else up? I’d love to hear in the comments section!

I just wonder, how many people can we as a group lift up today?

To make frozen bananas you’ll need: Banana and some cling wrap or little zipper baggies to freeze them in.

That is all you really need. But the rest of makes it a little nicer and a whole lot more fun.

I like to use a little orange juice to dip the bananas in after I peel them to give me more time to get them all squared away before they brown. If you don’t have orange juice, just peel them and put them in the bags kinda quick and freeze them, they won’t turn brown. Some folks like to use lemon juice but I don’t care for the sour tang it gives them.

I also like to use Popsicle sticks if I can find them but have made them plenty of times without.

If you can’t find Popsicle sticks, you can omit them entirely or use plastic forks.

If you’d like to have chocolate covered bananas, you’ll need some chocolate and whatever you’d like to coat them with (if anything)

When it comes to my chocolate, I get the el cheapo chocolate “flavored” coating, otherwise known as Almond Bark. Almond bark is just a cheap candy coating, and doesn’t have any nuts or anything in it despite the name.

I like to roll mine in nuts but the kids get a kick out of sprinkles.

Peel your banana and cut it in half.

Pour a little bit of orange juice in a bowl and…

Dip your banana in the juice, roll it around to coat.

Put a stick in it and repeat with all of your bananas

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

When you are done wrap them in cling wrap and place them in the freezer until frozen solid.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

Then take out your frozen bananas and heat your chocolate coating in the microwave until melted.

To melt your chocolate coating: heat it in forty five second intervals, stirring after each one, until it is smooth and creamy. Make sure you don’t have any drops of water in your bowl or on your spoon as the least little bit of water will cause your candy coating to clot and it won’t be all smooth like you need it to be.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

ou can either dip your banana directly into the chocolate or you can spoon it over your banana,

whatever cranks your tractor.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

Then roll it around in your nuts or sprinkles.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

Looky there how purty!

I still think plain ones are the best though!

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas - a GREAT Alternative to popsicles and ice cream. My kids love these (and so do I)

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas

  • Bananas (each one makes two)
  • Wooden sticks (can use plastic forks in their place or leave them out entirely)
  • Orange juice (optional)
  • Toppings (sprinkles, nuts, etc)

Pour orange juice in a bowl (can leave this step out if you like). Peel each banana and cut in half. Roll each banana half in orange juice and then put a stick in the end of it. Wrap in cling wrap and freeze until hard.

Bananas are ready when they are frozen. You can eat them then or coat them in chocolate.

To coat in chocolate: Melt candy coating in microwave in 45 second intervals, stirring in between each, until smooth and creamy. Dip frozen banana into chocolate or spoon chocolate over banana. Roll in nuts or sprinkles. Chocolate will harden quickly since bananas are frozen. Eat immediately or wrap again and place back in freezer.

“I don’t want to brag or make anybody jealous or anything,

but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.”

Submitted by Kolene. Submit your positive, uplifting, or funny quote by clicking here.

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  1. Chocolate covered Bananas.. Awesome! Thanks for the recipe.

    Did I tell you how nice your hair looks today? And I love the way your blog matches your eyes!

  2. I absolutely love your quotes that you share with us and can I tell you that sometimes they are they highlight of my day. I have a son that is a young man with autism and I must tell you I would love someone to stop and tell him or/and I how nice he looks or what a beautiful smile he has, instead of the stares people give us or purposely turning away. I know they don’t realize it at the time, but those looks hurt him so much. Thank you for reminding me how much a kind word can mean.
    And can I ask how long the bananas will stay good in the freezer? Thanks!

    1. i know what you mean. My son is affected as well. He has such a good heart,but seldom hears it. If we all do this,it will eventually come around, right?

  3. My absolutely favorite Summer treat at the ocean. Now I know how simple it can be I will make my own at home.

    Your right it doesn’t take much to make someone else’s day. A simple smile or kind word. Makes you feel better too.

  4. I don’t know how many times I’ve told my child “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” LOL Thanks for reminding us that if we think something nice… we should say it and brighten someone’s day.

    As for the bananas…. YUM! I’m trying to watch my intake of sweets right now… but with this HOT & MUGGY weather we’ve been having in South Georgia, I just crave something cold… like ice cream. These would be a great alternative. I have everything in my pantry, too… including chocolate and sprinkles.

    Hey… I said I was WATCHING my intake of sweets. Not eliminating it. *wink*

    btw… did you know you can also dip your bananas in a little bit of a lemon lime soda to keep them from turning brown? Just a little tip I learned a long time ago. I don’t like the bitterness that lemon juice adds, either.

    Thanks for another great recipe, Christy!

  5. Christy, I love your stories and when you “get on your soapbox.” I’ve never felt like you’re lecturing or anything. I adore your recipes but your blog wouldn’t be the same without everything else you write 🙂

    As for the actual recipe, those bananas are so cute! I used to work at a place that sold frozen chocolate covered bananas so have made a lot of them, but we never used the OJ. What a good idea! Does it make them taste a little orangey? Yum! We also only dipped them in nuts and shredded coconut. Should’ve done sprinkles! Unfortunately, I won’t be making this recipe because I’m not a huge fan of how frozen nanners taste, but I think they’re just the cutest things ever and wish I did like them. I need to find some kids to make them for! They remind me of an Austrian/German specialty, Schokobananen. A cookie with some fluffy creamy stuff on it, then half a banana, then chocolate poured on top, then sprinkles or nuts or coconut. SO GOOD. My host mom in Austria made her cookie part like meringues and folded coconut into the batter too. Haven’t had one in 10 years.

    1. I think we all need to plan a field trip to see your host mom in Austria!!!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!! I can’t tell you how much it means to be to get to hear back from folks and have a conversation.

      Oh my, now I want shredded coconut on my banana!

    2. YUMM!!! I had “almost forgotten, ” about the chocolate covered frozen delights… my Mama made them… WHAT A TREAT!!! Thanks Christy ; )

  6. Thanks for getting on your soapbox and I LOVED what you had to say! I make it a point to say something nice to someone when I go into places. Sometimes even just smiling and saying “hello”. What a difference it makes!

    Off to make some frozen chocolate covered bananas and grateful to have you on my side.

    “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said . . . but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

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