Game Day Spread In A Wink with Tyson®!

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Hey Friends!

The time of year is here where, for a plethora of reasons, we often find ourselves with a house full of company at a moment’s notice. Football games, teenagers hanging out, or family and friends coming for an impromptu visit, no matter what the occasion we tend to end up with a full house and being who I am, you know I have to feed them.

I am the world’s worst for overthinking and creating as much work as possible for myself when it comes to having people over. As I have gotten wiser, I’ve come to see the virtue of shortcuts and the great benefit of being able to spend more time with my family and friends as a result of them. So today I’m going to show you some quick snack hacks to keep everyone happy today thanks to Tyson® Foods!


First, head to your local Walmart because saving time is all about one-stop shopping and you know they’ll have all that you need.

For today’s snack hacks I picked up Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips, Jimmy Dean® Mild Country Sausage, and Hillshire Farm® Lit’l Smokies® Cocktail links. The chicken is found in the freezer section and the other two are in the refrigerated meats section. We like these chicken strips because they are all white meat and fully cooked and fully crispy, just heat and eat. No breading chicken and frying for me when time is short! The fact that this keeps my kitchen clean is yet another benefit not to be overlooked ;).

I make Katy’s favorite pigs in a blanket with the cocktail links and use the sausage to make sausage balls, which are another game day favorite of pretty much everyone I know. But while those are baking, the chicken is already being served up.


Keep presentation simple by using a large platter with enough room for dipping sauces in the center and chicken around the sides.

These Chicken Strips are a go-to for me. I try to always have them in the freezer for quick lunches during the week and last minute suppers. They are versatile enough to use in an assortment of recipes (try a quick and easy Chicken Parmesan by heating, topping with marinara, and some mozzarella cheese) but taste great on their own as well.

I just heat the chicken and pour up an assortment of dipping sauces. Here we have Come Back Sauce, White BBQ Sauce, and Spicy BBQ Sauce. I have a #TabletopTailgate in the time it takes to pour sauces in a bowl and heat the chicken. The sauces are a great way to customize this and make your whole family feel as if you prepared this platter just for them by including everyone’s favorites. Suggestions are ranch, buffalo sauce, Italian dressing, ketchup, honey mustard, hot sauce, etc. Just raid the sauces aisle or make your own if you aren’t pressed for time.

This platter is pretty enough to take to football potlucks and know that you’ll come back with an empty dish every time. Rather than complicating things and making your life harder, go easy on yourself with no guilt because you’re guaranteed to make folks happy.

Pick up some of your Tyson favorites on your next Walmart trip and keep them in your freezer to have handy for last minute Tabletop Tailgates of your own!

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  1. The Tyson Chicken Strips are my favorite! I just discovered your site and love that you don’t do everything from scratch. Especially the pie crusts! I might actually have a shot at impressing my fiancée with some good food. Lol!
    I can’t wait to try your White BBQ Sauce with my next bag of Chicken Strips!

  2. Christy – with all due respect – ordinarily, I really enjoy your posts and recipes. This one is just a commercial for Tyson and Walmart. We get enough ads thrown at us. We should be safe from them when visiting your website.

    1. I thoroughly enjoy reading this post. It is full of options to buy in the sense when I go to the grocery store, I can go directly to the products listed and not spend time search for items that I have not tried. I absolutely trust Christy’s judgment to give me the best products to do just that. Have a wonderful day and remember to use your manners when commenting…your comment is not respectful… 🙂

    2. Hey Jeannette,
      I’m sorry you feel this way and I want to offer my gratitude to Tyson and Walmart on your behalf for sponsoring Southern Plate so that you can read it free of charge. This website is free to you but costs me thousands of dollars a month to operate, so I could not make it available as I do, with all of the free recipes and such for my wonderful readers, without their kindness and support.
      Again, Tyson and Walmart, a sincere thank you from me on behalf of Jeanette, for helping me pay the light bill so that we can all enjoy the benefits. And Kay is right, I only accept sponsored posts from companies I enjoy and use in my own daily life.
      I hope this helps you to understand and appreciate these posts for the benefits that they offer to blog readers.
      P.S. The ads you see also pay the light bill for you to enjoy the blog and in addition give me a little pay check for all of the hours I put in. I’m grateful for those on your behalf as well. 🙂

      1. I think many times we forget that most things are not free—-someone has to pay for it!
        I appreciate knowing which products you use and recommend.

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