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I want to hear your favorite road trip ideas on this post! Inspire us in the comments!

As a child, I remember my grandmama telling me about the road trips they used to take as children. Her mama would cook up some chicken, pack it in a basket, and mix up a gallon of tea in a big old glass pickle jar to pack in the trunk, wrapped in blankets to keep it chilled and prevent the glass from breaking. They’d get in the car and head off to visit family, stopping along the way for picnics on the side of the road. There were no drive through restaurants back then and even roadside diners were a new concept so bringing your own food was a necessity. Sometimes, though, Grandmama said they’d stop at a local gas station that had a deli counter and buy some fresh sliced bologna and a loaf of “light bread” as they called it. This was considered a huge treat for them and made the road trips even more special.

My family has always loved impromptu road trip adventures. We hop in the car on a sunny day and head out to parts unknown just to see what we can get into. Early in our married life, Ricky and I tired of fast food on long road trips and I stopped at a local deli, picked up some roast beef, cheddar slices, and Hawaiian sweet rolls and our little family road trip sandwich was born. Some of our happiest memories and best conversations have taken place sitting beside each other while I make little sandwiches in my lap to hand him and now just the thought of a road trip sandwich brings all of those precious memories to mind. We sure have been blessed these past twenty years!

Another fun addition to our road trip menu is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. I keep the little cold brew packets of it in my purse, all different flavors, and we can have guilt free Sweet Tea on the road anytime.

In fact, did you know:

  • Southern Breeze is calorie free and guilt free so it can be enjoyed glass after glass.
  • Cold brew Southern Breeze is single serve-take it on the go or enjoy at home.
  • Southern Breeze cold brew is easy to make: pour 8oz of water over 1 tea bag, let steep for 5 minutes, toss out the tea bag and pour over ice!
  • All of the zero calorie Southern Breeze products (cold brew and family size tea bags) are available by clicking here.

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is just one of the things that make our road trips even more fun and don’t have to be planned or thought about earlier.

There is still plenty of time for more summer road trips so today I wanted to share some of my ideas with you but most importantly – I WANT YOUR IDEAS!

Be as general or as specific as you like but please chime in and know that your answer will help inspire friends and family to spend more time together.

Some ideas from the Jordan camp:

  • Road trips don’t have to involve a lot of time on the road! Check out local attractions first – budget friendly memories are just as sweet.
  • Pretend you are a tourist in your hometown:
  • Check out the visitor’s bureaus of nearby towns and see what their most popular attractions are.
  • Festivals are an easy find! This time of year there are so many fun festivals all around. You can also find these at visitor’s sites and all that is needed is saving the date on your calendar!
  • Feed the ducks
  • Watch the sunset
  • Free outdoor concerts and movies
  • Hikes at state and local parks (or national if you’re close to one!)
  • Tailgate picnic! There are some gorgeous spots with amazing views of the valley where we live so some evenings we grab the fixings for our road trip sandwiches at a local deli and head on up to a pretty spot, sit on the tailgate, and enjoy the view.
  • And one of my absolute favorites: Take a glass of iced tea out to your back porch.
Some of our road trips so far this summer!

What are some of your favorite ideas for summer road trips both near and far? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

While you’re here, you can head on over and see all of the zero calorie Southern Breeze products (cold brew and family size tea bags) by clicking here. It’s perfectly sweetened sweet tea with no calories and no carbs and if you place an order online by June 30th using code CHRISTYJORDAN you’ll get free shipping. But you can also get in on a chance to get a free sample sent directly to your home by clicking here.

Special thanks to my friends at Southern Breeze Sweet Tea for sponsoring this post and for making the tea that I drink all day long! All opinions contained in this post are my own. #ShareTheSweetness & #guiltfreesweettea


  1. When you told me about Ideal, I purchased it at a web-store and it was the way I enjoyed my ice tea. So when I saw this, I figured it was worth a shot and since it isn’t sold in my area, I ordered it from their website. No flavors for me, just original. I am very happy with Southern Breeze and one of our upcoming road trips will be to Lexington, Kentucky and I can buy it in a store there. Thank you for sharing another great product!

  2. Come to the beautiful Ozarks. Personally I live in Seymour, MO, a quaint lively amish mennonite and regular folk all living together.

    Look up taking the Peel Ferry to cross from Arkansas up into Missouri, go up through Ava to my area. Other towns worth checking out are Harrison, AR, Eureka Springs, AR. Branson, MO, Springfield MOstay off the big highways…

    instead of highway 65, take the winding highway 13, highway 7, MO state highway A….

    look into Crystal Creek resort in eminence. Yurts in Arkansas overlooking the Buffalo River…

    Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo is a must.

    theres9so much to do of you are willing to slow down and meander around the Ozarks.

  3. We would drive from Alabama to Cherokee, NC for most of our summer vacations (when the cotton mills closed for the week of the 4th of July). We’d picnic at the little roadside park picnic areas and “serve” out the car trunk. Spam sandwiches, tomato sandwiches, and “short Cokes”. The tomatoes came from our garden. The garden would ALWAYS “come off” that week, much to Mama’s chagrin. We’d pick and put up butter beans, peas, and corn; head to vacation for a few days, and come back and do it all again.

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