Need A Purpose? Here Ya Go!

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Lifesavers from Christy Jordan

Happy Monday!

Want a cure for the grumpies today? We’ve all been there!
Feeling disgruntled and unfulfilled are the result of not having a purpose, so if you find yourself needing one try asking this question:

“What can I do to make the world a little better for as many people as possible this week?”

That one question creates a goal…
That gives a purpose…
Removes focus from us and puts it on others…
And breeds joy for you and all around you.
Most of all, it just plain makes life FUN!

Wanna change the world?

It’s not a matter of how, it’s a matter of how many times you can do it in a single day!

Wake up with a purpose and wake up EXCITED!







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Need a Purpose? Here Ya Go!


  1. Christy, your family is so lucky to have you! Just reading your uplifting and inspirational posts, I can tell that.

    By the way, at my husband’s request I made the Pizza Casserole again tonight and boy, is he happy. I just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and he’s been asking me since then when I was going to make it again, lol.

    I saute the diced onion with some minced garlic together with the ground beef. Also, I usually mix some of the shredded mozzarella in with the pasta, sauce, meat, and pepperoni. Then, I throw it in my casserole dish, add some pepperoni on top with some more cheese. We had it with a salad, ’cause ya know that makes it a healthy meal, ha ha. It was so, so good. The best part is that it makes a ton and we have leftovers!

    Thanks again to you and Jen for a great recipe!

  2. I have a really good purpose! I have to get the kitchen cleaned so I can start baking all over again then I need to clean the house and give my dog a bath. That is enough for a week actually. I hope all the winners got back to you and if not then I AM STILL HOPING…lol…congrats to everyone!!!! Have a great week!

  3. You always seem to write things so appropriate for how I am feeling…Keep up the Lifesavers posts! They are such an encouragement and also serve as a little ‘kick in the pants’ sometimes to not feel sorry for myself. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reminder Christy to live a day full of purpose…..What a great reminder for me to start my day!

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