Hot Buttered Sweet Rice

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Who all has had a bowl of Hot Buttered Sweet Rice handed to them by their loving mama or grandmama?

When my Mama was a little girl, she’d come in from school to find her Granny waiting to hear all about her day.
Knowing that kids were hungry after a long day at school, she’d smile when Mama walked in and sit her down at the table…


And put a bowl in front of her.


Then she’d take some rice from the supper she was preparing and scoop some hot right into that bowl…


And add a pat of butter.


And a sprinkling of sugar.

hot buttered rice southernplate

And give it a good stir.

And Mama would eat that entire bowl of warm, sweet, buttery rice.

Sometimes, the very next day before school, Mama would wake up to find her Granny heating up leftover rice to repeat this for a warm and soothing breakfast before she headed off to school.

It sure was good.

Did you eat this when you were little?

Was there some other comfort food that you remember along these lines? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across this article! I grew up eating breakfast rice at my great grandma’s coffee shop. Every time I mention the dish no one seems to know what I’m talking about!

    Grandma Frances served hers with white rice, butter, milk and sugar.

    Today I made mine with oatmilk, agave and vegan butter. Just as delicious as I remember it!

    1. So glad this brought back memories and don’t you worry, at Southern Plate we’ve got you covered by bringing back recipes from the good ole days. Am hoping your find many more memories on the site. Thanks for being a part of the family 🙂

  2. hello! just stumbled upon this article because i wanted to prove to my midwestern husband i wasn’t crazy! I grew up in Arkansas surrounded by rice agriculture, which is why I always assumed this was a prevalent breakfast or snack. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We eat rice a lot for breakfast. I add butter & sugar to the rice once cooked. Spoon into bowls then add milk. We love it.

  4. My mom would cook the rice in milk and then put butter, cinnamon and sugar on top. It was/is my FAVORITE breakfast!!

  5. My baby sister would eat rice with butter and fried bologna cut up in it. Bless her sweet heart. I just wanted the butter in mine. Thank you for the memories. I know she is in heaven with mother eating it .❤️

  6. There were no “snacks” at my grandparents’ house, but when you were lucky, you could sneak a leftover biscuit from under the cloth on the dinner table. Then, stick your finger into it and fill it with sugar. Ta-da, a “sugar biscuit!”

  7. We were poor.A treat for us kids was saltine crackers with real butter,and a cup of hot, black tea.

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