Karo Entertains

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It’s not often that I can get Katy Rose to get on camera and sparkle like she does in real life, but last night she actually asked me to record her and she put on quite a show. If you get past the first few minutes she gets to playing songs and singing, dancing, and other antics. She has been teaching herself piano and we very recently signed her up for lessons.

This is just a random video of Karo entertaining as she does every day in our house! I’ll try to get a video of Bradybug soon.


  1. Sooo precious!! Brings back some memorys for me with my oldest & youngest sons. WE started out with a keyboard and then went up to a used piano we got free from church. Philip was very studious but Josh was not lol. Guess which one still plays today? It wasnt Joshua .. he didnt have a lick of SIT in him . Now he plays guitar! Looks like I was pushing the wrong instrument on him.
    Katy is starting out real good!! She did a great job 8)

  2. Karo is a cute nickname, but hey, she’s a southern girl and she’s gotta have that formal one and that cute one too, right! Enjoyed her spirit and enthusiasm for music. Self-taught is great in most everything!!!! Go Karo!!!!!!!!!

  3. Katy Rose is very talented. Oh to have the musical ear that she has. I guess we all learn different words to these tunes. I heard “Are you sleeping” and “If your happy and you know it.” I can’t wait to hear after some lessons. Looking forward to Brady’s guitar performance.

  4. such a sweet video Christy,Katy Rose is soo precious,looking forward too more videos ,and the jello creations are soo pretty 🙂

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