Kiss Good Night

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Kiss Good Night

by Amy Hest

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Story Time Videos Southern Plate

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  1. Oh how precious ! I can hardly wait for my grand kids to come and spend the night here next week. I know they will want to crawl up onto “Oma’s soft lap and listen to Miss Christy tell them a story–or two or….. !!
    Thank you !

  2. Just discovered your story reading! This is great. Looking forward to watching and listening to the others listed. This was one of our best times together as she was growing up. We still talk about them and still have her books (she’s 53 and used the books with her boys)

  3. Christy,
    My granddaughter Libby is visiting with me this week and I played your videos for her and she loved all of the stories but Pete The Cat was her favorite. She laughted all the way through the book.
    She and I loved listening to you read and thank you for all the wonderful books.
    We can’t wait for the next one. ( I will have to save it until her next visit )

  4. “Mommy, can she really see us??” Thank you for reading that story Christy! My kids and I loved it (and I know I’m going to hear “Again!” when I tuck them in tonight)!

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