MasterBuilt Electric Smoker Giveaway ($350 Retail!)

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Thank you to everyone who entered this great giveaway! I only wish I had 3000 smokers so I could give all of you one! I used to choose a winning number and that comment belonged to Keith Owen so congratulations Keith! I just emailed Keith with instructions on how to claim his smoker.

Thank you for all for being such a great part of the Southern Plate family and stay tuned because my next giveaway will have TEN winners!



I’m so proud to be able to bring you this wonderful giveaway from one of the best companies I’ve ever gotten to work with. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is just about as easy to use as an oven. You simply wheel it outside, plug it up, set the temperature, put your meat in, add wood chips, and wait for your delicious meal to be done. It’s that simple!

And one of you will be getting a smoker just like this sent right to your home, complete with remote control so you can check the temperature of your meat from 100 feet away!

Here are the specs:

Easy to Use…it’s Electric so all you do is plug it in, set the cooking temperature and cooking time, load wood chips and you’re ready to slow smoke.

Thermostat Temperature Control – You can set it and the cooking temperature will remain as consistent as your kitchen oven

Safe – Automatic shut-off prevents over heating

Convenient – uses your favorite, regular wood chips with a side chip loader so you can add chips without opening the door and letting heat and smoke escape

REMOTE CONTROL allows you to ADJUST cooking temperature and time, CHECK cooking temperature, time and meat temperature from up to 100 feet away…while you’re watching the football game or cooking the rest of the meal

Integrated Meat Probe Thermometer – means you can cook your food to the perfect temperature every time. Want to know how much longer until your meat is done? Just look at the remote! (This is so cool and easy!)

Built-in Viewing Window – you can watch your food slow smoke without opening the door and letting heat out

Easy Cleaning – with a built in bottom drip pan and a rear mounted drip tray

Adjustable door latch and air damper – for an airtight seal and controlled smoking

You can purchase this Smoker (retail value of $350) at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Academy Sports, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club,, and more, but one Lucky person who leaves a comment below will have one shipped directly to their house courtesy of Masterbuilt!


Let me show you how easy this was. All I did was sprinkle a store bought rub on some bone in chicken breasts.

I put them in my smoker, put the meat probe down into one of the pieces, set my time and temperature, placed some wood chips in the bottom, and left it.

A few hours later, my heavenly smelling chicken was done.

This was the juiciest smoked chicken I’ve ever had.

I served it with my Beefed up Baked Beans and Summer Corn Salad.

And since I haven’t had time to get the Summer Corn Salad recipe up (and some of you might want it for the fourth), I’ve posted it on the Front Porch as a little bonus. Click here to visit that recipe.

A Little About the People Behind This Smoker

Masterbuilt is a family owned company that was started by John McLemore’s father back in 1973. John (pictured below with his wife Tonya and their children) is President and CEO of the company behind the  amazing Electric Smoker that one of you will soon be receiving!

I cannot say enough about this wonderful family and everyone I met at Masterbuilt.

I wanted to tell you a little story about my first real meeting with them. Masterbuilt sponsored me to go to a blogger conference a couple of months ago. I arrived to attend the conference but ended up just hanging out with them all weekend long because I enjoyed their company so much! Alicia is their head of social media and she is the main person I talk to when I have a question or in getting this post set up. I got to meet her back at another Blogging conference I was speaking at back towards the beginning of the year and was really looking forward to getting to talk with her more.

On that first morning, the hotel had assigned a person from their catering staff to help with each booth. If we needed help setting up, needed some equipment cleaned overnight to have ready for the next day, had to move anything heavy, etc. One by one the staff members appeared at each booth to introduce themselves and see where they were needed and one by one each business in the exhibitor area got to work. Alicia, Tonya,  and John, though, stood there for several minutes talking to the guy assigned to James, the staff member assigned to them. They asked where he was from, how long he’d been in the area, what kind of food he liked, about his family, etc. Once they had made James a part of the family they all set about getting to work and made it a point to leave James a little to do as possible.

James came by from time to time throughout the day and each time the Masterbuilt folks took delight in filling him up on samples of whatever they’d just got done preparing. They’d light up as if seeing an old friend stop by. They weren’t just that way with him, though, they are like that with everyone, always gracious and kind. They made it a point to let each of the staff members know that they were welcome to come by and try the samples anytime they wanted and we ended up filling them up on an awful lot of turkey during that time (it was so good!).

All weekend Tonya, John, and Alicia cooked turkey in their indoor deep turkey fryers and on the last day, as James was helping Alicia take the booth down, she got the box together and sat it by the turkey fryer and told James “I want you to take this one. You’ve been such a great help an we just really appreciate you.” James was beside himself. She gave another one to the head of the catering staff and thanked her for all of her help as well. It was no surprise that when we got ready to load up our cars we had some very happy folks insisting that we let them help us with all of our luggage!

In that weekend, I got to see the kind of people behind the Masterbuilt products and I whispered to Alicia as we were headed out, James pushing a cart filled with boxes of supplies ahead of us, “He’ll never forget that.” Alicia smiled back and said “You know, the measure of a person is how they treat those who serve them.” I thought back to all of the times I’ve cringed in restaurants as folks at nearby tables berated their waiters and I was just overwhelmed with the wisdom of Alicia’s words. That is the measure of a man alright, and it sure is a good way to measure the integrity of Masterbuilt.

And that is why I’m so proud to be associated with them in this giveaway.



Contest closes Wednesday, July 6th at midnight.

A winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Winner will be announced on this post and on our Facebook page on Thursday, July 7th.

To enter, simply leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Masterbuilt provided me with a smoker for testing purposes and they are furnishing the one I’ll be giving away as well. That chicken I made truly was the best I’ve ever had and I think Little House On The Prairie should be shown on a major network again – I can’t imagine it’s not lightyears better than everything else they’re showing right now. ~grins~ All done disclaiming now!

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