Meal Plan Monday #59

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Hey, howdy, hey! Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday, our weekly post where some of the best food blogs around the web share their favorite recipes to help liven up your meal planning. Let’s dive right in and see what we have this week!


Now I don’t know about y’all, but whenever a farmer invites me to dinner, I know it’s gonna be good food and Farm Wife Cooks never disappoints!

Check out her Burrito Style Beef Enchiladas from FarmWife Cooks

funeral potatoes norines nest

Funeral Potatoes may sound like a funny name for a dish but one bit will tell ya why they are almost worth dying to get – almost. Fortunately, Miss Noreen shares her recipe so we can all remain alive and kicking.

Best Cheesy Funeral Potatoes Noreen’s Nest

And our featured host recipe this week is:

Quick and Delicious Sopapillas from SouthernPlate! 


  1. Please don’t include any more recipes from “A Southern Soul.” There is no way that I can see to avoid subscribing to their emails in order to see a recipe. I do not appreciate being presented with a requirement to subscribe–a CHOICE, maybe.

    1. All you have to do is click on the “close” tab in the upper right of the pop-up and you don’t have to subscribe.

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