Pecan Pie Muffin Mix

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Pecan pie muffin mix

These pecan pie muffins have been a huge hit on Southern Plate. I’ve had so many readers email me singing their praises that I thought they’d make the ideal gift mix for the holidays! For this packaging, I went for a more “retail” type look and had a good bit of fun making the tags! On the backside your recipient will find instructions on how to use the mix to make their own delicious pecan pie muffins!

If you’d like to see the original tutorial and recipe on how to make the muffins themselves, please visit this link.

Pecan pie muffin mix ingredients

You’ll need: Plain flour, brown sugar, and chopped pecans.

Place ingredients in bowl.

Place all three ingredients in a bowl.

Mix ingredients together.

Stir it up until well mixed.

Place into sealed bags.

For this tutorial, I chose to place mine in quart sized freezer bags. You can package it like I am doing or use one of the packaging ideas from my other mix tutorials (I have links to them at the bottom of this post for your convenience), or come up with your own of course!

Look at this photo if you wanted one more reason why NOT to buy name brand. The Ziploc brand bag won’t work for this packaging idea because they have way too much writing on their bag for us to be able to hide it. The bag on the left is the cheapest, a store brand. Its going to work just fine.

Pecan pie muffin mix instructions

Print off your handy dandy bag headers which can be found here.

(Don’t worry, part of the tag is supposed to be upside down..)

Pecan pie muffin mix instructions

Trim those up and separate the sheet into two pieces.

Creating holiday gift pack

Fold over the top of your bag and tape that down.

Creating holiday gift pack

Once you have your two headers cut apart, crease them and fold them, then place them face down and put insert the top of your bag into the fold. What I did was let the front of my tag hang down longer than the back. The back has all of the instructions on how to use the mix. Isn’t that handy?

I was going to staple my header onto the bag but I couldn’t find my stapler. 🙂 So instead I just taped the top of the bag on the inside of the header and then used tape to secure it on the outside as well. You can use either method, I kinda like it better with the tape now that I see it that way.

Creating holiday gift pack

See, here is where I folded the back down and taped it to the bag…

Pecan pie muffin mix

Then I turned it over and put a little tape at the bottom on the front, too. All ready for gift giving!


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Save Money AND Give Better Gifts!

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  1. I gave this mix for a friend’s birthday. She loves pecan pie but her husband doesn’t. I told her these are the next best thing. She made them as soon as she got home and said they were absolutely delicious.
    These make a wonderful gift any time of the year!

  2. i’d love to make these up for gifts at my job… but can you send the baking instructions?

    thank you

    1. Hi Jean!! I sure can, there are several links in the post itself that directs you to the instructions page in case you need it again, but here ya go: Instructions:
      Melt 1/2 Cup butter or margarine. In separate bowl, beat two eggs until foamy. Stir together
      eggs and butter and add dry ingredients, stir until just moistened. Place baking cups in muffin
      pans and coat with baking spray, or coat muffin pans heavily with spray. Spoon batter into cups,
      filling 2/3’s full. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until done. Remove from pans immediately.
      Yields: 9 Muffins

  3. I would love to make these muffins.. Thank you for the recipe! Also, could you tell me where I can get the White Lily flour?

  4. Oh my goodness gracious! These pecan pie muffins are delicious! Just made them for the first time and will definitely be making this one again! Thank you Christy!

  5. Thank you so much Christy! Makes up in a jiffy, and everyone in my office was thrilled to receive them! Home made goodness in a bag….what a great gift idea! Even the novice cooks can melt margarine and whip 2 eggs!

  6. Christy, Thanks so much for posting (and re-posting) this! You have saved a busy working mom (me!) with this and your Chocolate Gravy mix. I just finished making 25 of each gift mix for friends, co-workers, and (northern) family members. I tested a batch for myself, of course…wonderful!!!

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