Pete the Cat :)

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Pete The Cat is my new favorite story. I discovered it while attending the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Trade Show and  wanted to share it with your kids (and you!). Hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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  1. Hahhaa too cute and I see I wasn’t the only “old” person that sat here and listened to it….smiles….YOU always make my day

  2. I met you last night at Page & Palette, and sheepishly had to tell you that I didn’t read your blog (you hugged me anyway), but I do now! Anyway, it was great meeting you. Just as sad, is even though I’m a big P&P fan, I had never read Pete the Cat :-(. However, our just-turned-five year old LOVED your story-reading. She’s watched it last night and again several times this morning (and yes, she waved good morning to you). So she’d definitely be up for more stories! So keep ’em coming!

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