Quickie Look at my Christmas Tree :)

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  1. Hey Christy,

    I know your busy, but if I could bother you for just a minute. When your recipe calls for margerine, can I use salted sweet butter(that’s just what I always buy)? In say your pecan pie & mac&cheese.
    I hope you get this. I have been spinning round your website, I couldn’t find a newer blog. By the way I love your tree too & love that you put it up nov. 1st to enjoy it longer( lights ). I used to put mine up every year fri after Thanksgiving before I hurt my back & could no longer lift it, I’m lucky now to get it up by Christmas having to rely on someone else. But no looking down, always looking up, for I believe everything happens for a reason. I also love how you always have something to say about our Creator & Lord & Savior. I would love to have as much grace as you do! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Sister Schubert. My family would have fits if I didn’t have her rolls at the holidays especially
    Thank you for all the story’s & recipes I only found your site a short time ago , but can’t stay off my phone on your site I’m addicted
    Thanks again for your time & you & your family have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving !!!
    Sandy from Mississippi
    Nov. 25, 2014

  2. I HAVE to know where you got the star for the top of your tree! I have been looking for one large enough for our tree to replace the angel that is falling apart.


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