Give A Penny, Get A Penny

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give a penny get a penny

Give A Penny, Get A Penny

Most gas stations in the South have little change dishes by the register. If you’re paying for a transaction and need an extra penny or two, you simply take one from the dish. People then reciprocate this good turn by dropping a few coins in the dish from time to time, thereby creating a community bank of sorts, based on goodwill.

So in that spirit, this is Southern Plate’s “Give A Penny, Get A Penny” page.” I dearly love positive quotes and am always scouring the web for more so I thought this would be a great place to compile all of those. I’ll post mine, you post yours, and we can all “Give A Penny” when we have one and come back to “Get A Penny” when we need one.

I’ll also draw from these quotes to include at the bottom of my posts and emails that I send out to Southern Plate readers and be sure to credit the person who provided it, so include a link to your blog if you have one.

I would consider it a personal favor if you’d take the time to share a quote of motivation or positivity in the comments section below. Quote yourself, your Mama, someone famous, or our best friend “Anonymous”, it doesn’t matter, long as you drop your penny and then come back on one of those days when you feel like you might need one yourself.


Scroll down to the comments section below to leave your quotes or read others. As of 2019, nearly 3000 quotes have been submitted so far!. 


  1. I love Hamburger Steaks but I think I have been doin mine all wrong ,and yours looks sooo much better than mine .I put my onions in the with the hamburger meat ,but I think I like it better with them on top ,something I will have to try and the broth, I have never used with it ,thank you so much for showing this recipe ,can’t wait to try this.

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