The *Bonus* Grocery Store inside Krogers :)

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I love my neighborhood Kroger. The people know me and a few even greet me with hugs when I walk in the door! I know where everything is and if there is something I can’t find the first person I ask has always been able to direct me right to it. If there is a product I want that they don’t carry, all I have to do is mention it and they get it in. Even though Kroger is a big chain of stores, each store, in my eyes, runs like a small local market with a relationship with their community. I’m not even going into how they offered to bring me whatever I needed whenever I needed it after my little accident a couple of years back…

With all of this in mind I’m happy to team up with Kroger today to let folks know about what I think of as a little *bonus* grocery store inside of Kroger that I enjoy shopping at. Did you know that not only is Kroger’s a “regular” grocery store but that inside they also have a “Nature’s Market” grocery store as well?


All of your favorite boutique, organic, and natural brands can be found here without having to travel to multiple stores. Want organic or gluten free or even dairy free products? They got ’em. All natural frozen pizzas and microwave meals? Yup, those, too. Katy has a lot of friends with food allergies and I know I can always find something I need here, but I also really like the quality of the brands offered in this section.


There is even a large selection of natural beauty products as well.

I am a frequenter of this section to feed my constant desire for new lip balms….


Brady and I tend to stop by this section for quick and easy breakfast ideas. See, in our house, weekday breakfast is a bit of an odd thing. I get up pretty early, between 4:30-5:00. Brady is up by 5:30 since he usually has early band practice, while Ricky doesn’t get up until closer to seven and Katy is even later than that. That leaves me and Brady looking for breakfast long before the sun comes up but not enough people to really warrant cooking a full meal (we save that for the weekends). Instead, Brady and I like to grab oatmeal, crunchy Kashi cereal, breakfast bars, or a nice thick yogurt.

Nature’s Market has a huge variety of grab and go items that we generally just leave out on the counter in the kitchen, right by our coffee maker. This especially suits Brady as he prefers to keep the lights off until well after he has had his coffee! Yes, my child eats breakfast in the dark. He’s a teenager so we just go along with it. If this is the oddest thing he does we figure we’re doing pretty good in the parent department.


I use almond milk in the smoothies me and Brady make a few mornings a week so I like to keep the shelf stable kind handy for when we run out (they also have larger containers in the cooler section). Breakfast bars are for those mornings Brady oversleeps and had to grab something he can eat once he gets to school.


This yogurt, well it’s just divine. Period. Seriously. Have you ever had that cream cheese cherry pie? That is what this yogurt tastes like! We are all yogurt lovers here.

I love our tradtional branded items found in the regular grocery section but have found the quality of brands like Kashi and Silk to be worth walking to the other aisle for :).

The best part is that there are always sales in this section as well, just like in the rest of Kroger, and the prices are very much in line with the rest of the store, too! So you can pick up the brands you love without having to drive all over town or pay prices that take your breath away.


To help introduce more folks to the Nature’s Market section of Krogers, they’ve been running a wonderful promotion this month called #NaturesBreakfast – but it ends today so stop by on your way home from work or while planning supper! Purchase three products from the following lines: Silk, Kashi, Noosa, or Simple Truth, and you get a dozen Simple Truth (cage free) eggs free! To receive the eggs free, all you have to do is use your kroger loyalty card when checking out and once the three participating items are scanned the eggs will be free.

There are so many excellent breakfast ideas and products in this section that choosing yours will be easy!

Here is what I picked up for me and Brady yesterday:

coffee bar

Brady can make his coffee, grab something with his right hand, and have a nice healthy little start to his day without having to flip a single light switch. Proof that, even though I don’t understand non-morning people, I am sympathetic to their cause!

So if you haven’t ever wandered into the other section of Kroger’s, today would be a good day. Try some new things, find some new favorites, and get some free eggs. You’ll likely be surprised, just as I always am, to find a natural foods section priced like the rest of the grocery store!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of WhiteWave Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Oh I miss KROGER! Since we moved from. Michigan to North Carolina we do not have one anymore. I love the simply organic vanilla,yogurt. We bought it in the tub because we have lots of mouths to feed. Thanks for sharing your Kroger store!

  2. OH, if only eggs were just $2.99 like the ones in your picture! We are paying $4.50 and up for a dozen in California.

  3. Wish we had a Kroger up here in southern NJ. I have shopped at Kroger stores in Virginia and Savannah GA during road trips and really like their store-brand products; the employees seemed pretty friendly too.

  4. I love Kroger, it definitely does have a small market feel to it. Saving on gas is nice too 🙂 I just moved earlier this year to Mississippi and am enjoying Kroger again…..will definitely check out the Natures Market section more closely.

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