Vlog Every Day in May Challenge

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Below you’ll find my videos for the #VEDIMCC15 challenge hosted by Cosmopolitan Cornbread. I’ll be adding new videos through the month of May in 2015. Thanks!

May 1-3.

It was a Friday and I didn’t want to video on the weekend so I did three days in one 🙂 In this one I introduce myself, answer the question of “What would you teach if you were a teacher?”, and answer the question “Are you more serious or funny?”.


May 4

In this video I answer the question “What was the last thing you won?” as well as spend a good bit of time explaining how I’m spending my week 🙂


May 5

In today’s video I answer the question “Do you know what your name means?” As well as address the issue of folks finding offense with celebrating Cinco De Mayo, among other things 🙂


May 6

In today’s video I answer the question “What is the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to bed?”


May 7

Today I’m joined by my mother, my daughter Katy, and my niece Elle as we answer the question “What is your favorite holiday?”


May 8

**DISCOUNT CODE*** If you would like a discount on the skirt I talk about in this video, you can purchase it at MacabiSkirts.com and use code CHRISTY7 for 10% off. This code is good for one week! Today I start off by explaining and telling about the skirts I have been wearing in response to the questions me mentioning them on my other videos have brought about. Then, I answer the question: Do you play any instruments? *Check back to see if I get us a discount code on the skirts* Here is a link to my shoes. I have already received a few emails asking about those (click here).


May 10 I

n today’s video I talk about my two phobias (among other things): One involves an unlikely winged creature and the other is an article of clothing men sometimes wear.


May 11

Today we answer the questions “What is your favorite tv show?” My answer is a little unconventional and for me, it was a life changer.


May 12

I really struggled to decide if I should post this one. “What is your most embarrassing moment?”


May 15

I join my friend Connie from CosmopolitanCornbread for today’s Vlog. We answer the question “Do you sing in the shower?” and Connie tries her first Taco from my FAVORITE Taco spot in Huntsville!


May 16

This video was made live at SoulStock in Decatur, Alabama. I answer the question “What are you plans for the rest of the summer?” and also let you know about a big road trip I’m taking with Stacey Little of SouthernBite.com, starting tomorrow! Get the details on this video as well as an email address you can use to send us your ideas for things that YOU would like us to do on this road trip! Will we run into any of y’all? Sure would be fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 18 On the road with Stacey Little of Southern Bite and Leah from Allsouth Appliance! Answering today’s question of the day: What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 20 Vlog Every Day In May Challenge. Today I vlog from Louisville, KY and answer the question “Do you know any other languages?”


May 27th

I’m pretty behind on my Vlog Every Day in May challenge but I get caught up by answering ten questions in this video!

May 30 (Apparently I’m going to have to go into June to finish my May videos)

Today I take you with me as I volunteer at my food co-op and also answer the question “What is your favorite way to stay active?”.

May 31

Tomorrow, I kick off my Vlog Every Day in June Challenge for food bloggers. Watch the video for information!

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  1. Hi Christy! Thank you for posting all these videos – watching them helped take my mind off some issues my family and I are facing. I love your positive cheerful attitude and I know how hard you must work at that outlook. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety and it helps to know I’m not alone. I think, if Christy can help inspire so many people with her positive outlook then I can at least inspire my family. 🙂 Side note: for the cute Macabi skirts, do they have a version for very petite women (I’m 4′ 10″) Btw I love your cookbooks and blog. Hugs!

  2. I loved your catch up session today! I totally agree with you over our government being in bad shape. It scares me to think where this great country call AMERICA is headed if we don’t find us a George Washington or at least a true God fearing man that will stand up for God, his beliefs, America, the Flag, and the American people as a whole. Thank you Christy for being so honest and down to Earth. It is very refreshing to find a person that will literally stand up for God and their beliefs.

  3. Hi Christy, just watched your May 14 video over tacos! I understand what you are saying about Huntsville! We’ve been there and my son went to Space Camp there when he was younger. Very high tech city! I kind of feel the same way about where I live — Texas! I worked and retired from one of the largest oil refinery’s in the U.S. We always had visitors (engineers) from places like Chicago who would come down for meetings and such and they just couldn’t believe all Texans weren’t wearing cowboy boots and wearing cowboy hats, or that Texas didn’t look like it did in the movies! One lady, who was my counterpart in our Chicago office, told me one day one the phone that she just loved my accent! I fired right back and said, “I thought y’all were the ones with the accent”! We laughed a lot that day! Thanks for sharing your busy days with your fans!

  4. Hi Christy I just opened this email and decided to click on your first cookbook and up came amazon so I put an order right on in there , I have enjoyed your vlog and my fav day so far was day 6 when you talked about what you did first and last each day. I am always inspired by you and your christian attitude and sharing your beliefs is such a wonderful gift thank you. Look forward to the rest of the month god bless

  5. I thought I had sent this question in, but cannot find it.

    I watched your very first vlog and enjoyed it very much. I would like to watch the rest of them. Even though this page lists the various dates, there is no link or anything for me to click on to watch them. Is there another method to watch your vlogs?

    1. Hey Ad, the good news is that you are in the right place! All of the vlogs are posted above each day as they are posted. Something that may help is to refresh your browser and you should see them. I know that some people who use Internet Explorer have problems due to the people that made Internet Explorer no longer support it and it is outdated. I hope this helps and you have a great day!!

      1. Thanks, Christy. I do use IE, but have Chrome also, so will try to see your vlogs via Chrome. Again, thanks. And have a wonderful weekend.

          1. Chrome let me view all of the vlogs. I have had a great time and so has my Amazing Grace (Gracie for short), she loved barking with your dogs in one of the videos. Gracie even ran over here to the desk and started looking up at the computer to see the dogs. She was so funny when she couldn’t find the dogs. Gracie had a look on her face as if she were thinking, “Well if you’re going to ignore me, I will just ignore you,” and she walked away.

  6. I have enjoyed your videos! Good for you for giving up TV! I don’t watch much tv and last year I decided to limit my computer & TV time to a hour a day. This world today could learn a lesson or two from you!!

  7. Hi Christy, i just had the chance to view your[vlog] as you say, real cute i love them. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration and a positive outlook on things in general. Stay sweet, we are all striving to be a better person.

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