Vlog Every Day in May Challenge

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Below you’ll find my videos for the #VEDIMCC15 challenge hosted by Cosmopolitan Cornbread. I’ll be adding new videos through the month of May in 2015. Thanks!

May 1-3.

It was a Friday and I didn’t want to video on the weekend so I did three days in one 🙂 In this one I introduce myself, answer the question of “What would you teach if you were a teacher?”, and answer the question “Are you more serious or funny?”.


May 4

In this video I answer the question “What was the last thing you won?” as well as spend a good bit of time explaining how I’m spending my week 🙂


May 5

In today’s video I answer the question “Do you know what your name means?” As well as address the issue of folks finding offense with celebrating Cinco De Mayo, among other things 🙂


May 6

In today’s video I answer the question “What is the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to bed?”


May 7

Today I’m joined by my mother, my daughter Katy, and my niece Elle as we answer the question “What is your favorite holiday?”


May 8

**DISCOUNT CODE*** If you would like a discount on the skirt I talk about in this video, you can purchase it at MacabiSkirts.com and use code CHRISTY7 for 10% off. This code is good for one week! Today I start off by explaining and telling about the skirts I have been wearing in response to the questions me mentioning them on my other videos have brought about. Then, I answer the question: Do you play any instruments? *Check back to see if I get us a discount code on the skirts* Here is a link to my shoes. I have already received a few emails asking about those (click here).


May 10 I

n today’s video I talk about my two phobias (among other things): One involves an unlikely winged creature and the other is an article of clothing men sometimes wear.


May 11

Today we answer the questions “What is your favorite tv show?” My answer is a little unconventional and for me, it was a life changer.


May 12

I really struggled to decide if I should post this one. “What is your most embarrassing moment?”


May 15

I join my friend Connie from CosmopolitanCornbread for today’s Vlog. We answer the question “Do you sing in the shower?” and Connie tries her first Taco from my FAVORITE Taco spot in Huntsville!


May 16

This video was made live at SoulStock in Decatur, Alabama. I answer the question “What are you plans for the rest of the summer?” and also let you know about a big road trip I’m taking with Stacey Little of SouthernBite.com, starting tomorrow! Get the details on this video as well as an email address you can use to send us your ideas for things that YOU would like us to do on this road trip! Will we run into any of y’all? Sure would be fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 18 On the road with Stacey Little of Southern Bite and Leah from Allsouth Appliance! Answering today’s question of the day: What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 20 Vlog Every Day In May Challenge. Today I vlog from Louisville, KY and answer the question “Do you know any other languages?”


May 27th

I’m pretty behind on my Vlog Every Day in May challenge but I get caught up by answering ten questions in this video!

May 30 (Apparently I’m going to have to go into June to finish my May videos)

Today I take you with me as I volunteer at my food co-op and also answer the question “What is your favorite way to stay active?”.

May 31

Tomorrow, I kick off my Vlog Every Day in June Challenge for food bloggers. Watch the video for information!

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  1. Christy,

    Thank you for the Macabi Skirt information, demo, and the link with a discount code! Girl, I ordered two of those skirts and that code saved me over $16! Wish you could see the smile on my face:) I knew after watching your demo I would need a short length, hello 5’3. However, it took me a while to order ’cause I kept wishing I was one size smaller, or 4 inches taller, lol. Looking forward to trying out my new skirts.

  2. I love that pockets are showing up again in skirts and dresses. I bought a dress at Target last month and was so happy it had pockets. I will have to look for the video where you talk about the skirt with pockets.

  3. Hi, Loving the daily challenge videos. As others have said, thank you for taking the time to chat and share your thoughts and stories with us. The most recent one about the conversation about boiled peanuts made me laugh out loud but I can totally see why it was embarrassing. lol. I don’t watch TV either. I will sometimes watch certain shows on DVD or on my computer but my actual TV is only set up for DVDs. My sister’s and her family’s is the same way and none of us minds at all. There are way more interesting things than TV that’s for sure.

  4. Oh Christy!! Oh Christy!! I would be mortified! Bless your heart. This post pretty much left you speechless, didn’t it? I mean, really, what DO you say after that? On another note…..I think I know who the 1% you were talking about, is. I’m pretty sure that you probably don’t text with that person! A shame everybody can’t be as grateful as you, my friend.

  5. I am gonna just say it again, you crack me up. It took me a minute to realize what he was hearing because my southern ear heard boiled peanuts. lol thank you for always making me smile!

  6. I didn’t know where to comment, and I’d very much like to. I listened to your radio show on depression while you were “out” writing, and I think you did a great job on it and wanted to thank you for it. It’s a tremendously important subject, and at least now we are discussing it. When I was a child, even discussing mental problems was forbidden, let alone having any.

    I knew you’d know the Lincoln quote. I can recommend “Lincoln’s Melancholy” by Joshua Wolf Shenk. In it you will find a letter to a young friend who was having a great deal of trouble dealing with the death of her father. It’s the best and most beautiful thing he ever wrote, and yes, I am including the 2nd Inaugural and the Gettysburg Address. It’s a very good book and deals with how depression made him the man and President he became.

    A few years ago, I started reading Sarah Young’s books daily and since then, I have filters in place, just like you. I don’t watch a lot of TV, don’t watch the news, don’t read the paper, don’t follow the stock market ups and downs-my broker will call me if we need to do something. I generally don’t go to movies. The news, and TV shows are both geared towards the negative-bad news sells, and I think that they like inflicting worry and stress and terror upon their audience. Every January, they start showing programs about mega-earthquakes, asteroids hitting the earth, life after people, the apocalypse, etc., and I am having none of it. I am much more peaceful, worry less, and usually the AOL or Yahoo! headlines are quite enough.

    My brother reads about 5 newspapers from around the world daily, worries about his investments, probably considers me hopelessly uninformed, but did admit when they went out of town for several days and he didn’t have his computer and couldn’t read his papers, that things were much more peaceful. I don’t listen much to the radio anymore either. I totally agree with you about the filters. You will hear what you really need to know, and then if you want to investigate further, you can.

    Please take care of yourself. You have no idea how many people say prayers for you daily.

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