Why you should never ask an engineer how big your pantry is…

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It was an innocent request, honest. I just wondered what the measurements of my pantry were. I had asked my husband a few times and he kept forgetting so before I headed off to bed I shot him a quick email because I knew he’d be working on his computer later and see it.

I woke up this morning to find this in my inbox…


~shakes head~



  1. I just wish I had pantry space. I can only stockpile a few meager supplies at a time.

  2. Christy,

    The thing is non-brainiacs like us scoff and giggle, but then the next thought in my mind is to send it to my husband because I want him to put wood shelves in my pantry instead of the dinky wire ones. He’s a pilot/brainiac, he can scale it appropriately.

    Thank goodness for engineering minded menfolk! All my shelves would be crooked otherwise. 😉


  3. Hi, from snowed in Boston, My husband also a Mech eng, when building our home Fortyone years ago I said, since I am 5′ tall? My bottom cabinets should be lowered than the standard height, so I won’t hit my elbows. he the hubster says ” but when we go to sell the house, Normal height people won’t like the short cabinets”, my response was then if you want to build the cabinets at 40 inches high, you can cook the three meals a day, for the next Forty years! Guess who won the argument? But maybe, I didn’t win, come to think of it! But I do enjoy making all your wonderful reciepes ! So easy and tasty! many thanks, Mary

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