A little glimpse and giggle from my past

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In my early twenties I dated a young man who was deaf. I had taken a few years of American Sign Language when I was younger and it is amazing how quickly you pick up on it when you use it on a regular basis (I can barely speak a sentence nowadays).

We were driving down the road one day and since I was behind the wheel, he would speak verbally and I would do sort of a one handed sign back, then we’d talk more at traffic lights. A friend who hadn’t met him happened to see me at one of those traffic lights and remarked on it the next day.

“You sure were excited to see me yesterday.”

“Huh?” I said “When did I see you?”

“At that traffic light” she said, sounding kind of astonished.

I don’t remember seeing you” I responded as I mentally went over the day in my head.

“Well you must have because I looked over and you and that guy were just  a waving!”

~giggles~ We still laugh about that.


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  2. I am happily married to a proudly Deaf man… and I get the giggles a LOT when we go out… sometimes you would think the two of us have six heads between us the way people look at us. I like to think that we are educating the hearing public, though, because never once have we let the looks stop us! I love my second language, ASL, and love to teach people how not to be intimidated by it. It is quite beautiful, and frankly, its rules, structure and syntax make a heck of a lot more sense sometimes than English! Thanks for sharing Christy!

  3. Love this.. LOL My middle child is HOH, he’s gone from a 50% loss to a 75% loss in his short 12 years of life… We are learning sign language in the event he completely loses his hearing.. However he has an AMAZING ability to read lips and has AMAZING speech (you’d never know he’s had this loss since birth, because I worked so hard on speech with his speech teachers as well).. But it reminds me of times in the car with him.. He forgets I can’t look at him when I am driving… and I have to keep my hands on the wheel! LOL

  4. Surgery for a brain tumor left one of our relatives deaf, however she could read lips quite well. My brother and I could communicate quite well talking to her in voices barely above a whisper and at times, not using our voices at all! Our great aunt, on the other had would shout and over enunciate to the point that Mary would have to apologize and tell her she couldn’t understand her! LOL

  5. I know someone who is deaf, as is his wife. They, of course communicate in sign language. When one of them does not want to “listen” to the other, they turn the lights off! The argument is then over!

  6. I took several semesters of ASL in college. I can’t sign anymore, but I think if I had the opportunity I could pick it up again quickly. It’s an amazing language and opens up communication with an entire world of fascinating people.
    I’m thinking I should get out my old books and try and teach the twins.

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