A little glimpse and giggle from my past

In my early twenties I dated a young man who was deaf. I had taken a few years of American Sign Language when I was younger and it is amazing how quickly you pick up on it when you use it on a regular basis (I can barely speak a sentence nowadays).

We were driving down the road one day and since I was behind the wheel, he would speak verbally and I would do sort of a one handed sign back, then we’d talk more at traffic lights. A friend who hadn’t met him happened to see me at one of those traffic lights and remarked on it the next day.

“You sure were excited to see me yesterday.”

“Huh?” I said “When did I see you?”

“At that traffic light” she said, sounding kind of astonished.

I don’t remember seeing you” I responded as I mentally went over the day in my head.

“Well you must have because I looked over and you and that guy were just  a waving!”

~giggles~ We still laugh about that.


  1. I saw Red Skelton on stage one time. He had a woman doing signing of his show. During the show, he looked off stage and told a hand “will you please bring me a glass of water, I’m thirsty.” Then he turned to the signer and said “you must be thirsty too. Would you like to wash your hands?”

  2. My husband gets the same thing all the time- his friends will randomly tell him that they saw him waving at the grocery store or wherever. He’ll think and then ask “was I there with my wife?” …. “Oh, you do know that my wife’s deaf, right? we were talking.”

  3. lol..My mom-in-lawe is deaf, so when she comes to visit I start crackin up. My hubby got his high stress levels from her and its hilarious watchin them argue cause she is signing away and he’s yelluin…Then they both pick a room, slam the door and 10 min later hug it out.. I think the whole lot of thems all crazy..but super fun!

  4. Ha! My Grand Niece is deaf. She is now in college at Gallaudet University and just shaved her head. We communicate on Facebook and I see the stuff her friends post. Nuts.. all of them, lol.

  5. That is too funny. My brother in law is deaf, but can read lips. He is now dating a girl that is deaf too. She doesn’t talk or read lips. My innocent five year old said last night, mom, “Sherry doesn’t know how to talk English she can’t talk at all.” The way she said it just made me laugh and then I had to explain.

  6. I love this story .Thanks for sharing .
    A question .Have you ever made your fruit cocktail cake with Splenda ?? We love it but it’s just a little more sugar than we want .

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