What’s the name of your Autobiography?

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We played some fun road games with the Southern Plate Family on Facebook while I was on my little road trip to film at Miss Paula’s house. One that I particular enjoyed was “Name your Autobiography” and so I thought I’d bring it over here to SouthernPlate.com and let you see the folks responses to inspire you to add your own. We had some great ones!

And I had a little bit of fun with mine…

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the Autobiography titles below and please continue the conversation by adding yours in the comments below!

Sonia Johnson ‎. . . “If I’d Only Known”

Bonnie Whitt ‎”Surviving Life Bonnie Style”

Erin Teal ‎“I Like to Drink My Water, Not Fight With the Lemons”

Lori Bernard Lori Bernard – “The Path Less Traveled has a Lot of Potholes”!

Sue Neitzel ‎”Me in Bloom”

Amanda Canfield ‎“Best Supporting Actress in an Ongoing Drama“….you have to know my family and my in-laws to fully appreciate its meaning.

Linda Stuckey Linda Stuckey “No Orange Countertops in Heaven”…:)

Thecountrycook Brandie – “Don’t look at me,I didn’t do it. Well, maybe I had a small hand in it.”

Danny Pace  “They couldn’t take him alive”.

Mary Fann Drennan “One Woman’s Opinion”

Kim Ashmore Johnson Kim Johnson- “Lord, she ain’t figured it out yet” The story of one moms journey from no kids to 7 kids in 5 years.

Elizabeth St Clair McKenzie Elizabeth McKenzie – “Trials and Successes of a Good Mother….and FABULOUS Procrastinator”

Sharon Strickland ‎”My Cup Runneth Over”

Barbara Koehn “Bubbie’s Life: Totally Uncensored!”

Cynthia Sandifer ‎”Truth Really is Stranger Than Fiction.”

Susan Crane “Tired and Cranky or How To Raise 2 small kids in your 40’s.”

Kim Johnson- “BLESSED ( right into insanity and the poorhouse)”

Kelly Riggs: Lord, Help Me! I’ve Lost My Mind!

Deborah Venable George MiMi~Tells the BEST stories!

Jennifer Preble — Are you sure she’s ok? She don’t look too good.

Rose Dailey ‎“Rose Dailey: These are the Days of Her Life”

Lisa Dean: 5 Lives Used ~ Child it’s just not your time yet. ( My Angel has a 5 point harness)!

Teresa Davis – ‘‘Oh Heck No”. Thats the name of my book that I have not finished

Phyllis Salmons: Wise Thoughts from The Old Maid!

Rhonda Madison- Taking it one day at a time….

Charlotte Nelson No matter what just keep your hand over your mouth.

Susan Hatcher: It Is What It Is!

Joyce Davis Kaiser ‎”Yippie! I just got Christie Jordan’s cookbook in the mail!” (Christy: I don’t think she meant this as her autobiography title. I think she just meant that she…well that she just got my cookbook in the mail. ~giggle~)

Angie Stewart: I am not stupid, I am 18!!! When I was younger & thought that no one was taken me seriously (mostly b/c I have never looked my age), I would proclaim this at the top of my lungs (Lord, knows I have a big mouth so you can imagine how many suffered hearing loss during that time) but as I got older I realized just how silly I sounded at 18 thinking I knew it all.

Abby Meloy ‎“We KNEAD each other” book on relationships

Janene Rigney ‎”Lupus: a Survivor’s Story”

Virginia Sellar-Edmunds – the life and phone calls of “Wiki-Mum”

AnnMarie E Stevens – Coo coo for coco puff the storyof me myself and I

Marianne Inman guess mine would have to be “I Survived”.. two marriages to abusive men, live and learn would be another one!! But I have 2 beautiful sons that are soooo worth all that I went through!!

Tina Hembree Life with twins lol

Twila Godwin-My Life In The YoYo Zone

Amy Fast – Country Girl Takes Paris

Sandi Herndon Hawk ‎“Y’all aint gonna believe this” By the author of the #1 best seller at the Wal-mart checkout counter… “You can make this crazy stuff up,” Sandi Hawk

Tina Pietila-Life at the Wit’s End!

Kimberley Duncan~ ‘Naked Hamsters Swim Faster- My Tale of Surviving(and Enjoying!!) Raising Kids’

Paula Hooper ‎“Paula Reborn a/k/a Grammie Paula”

Laurie Sawyer-Johnson Life is what you make it

Kathy Brentlinger- This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

Sheila Reese – Well ‘um

Mary Tullila-♥ Bee Storys ♥.. Adventures through the ReBlossoms of Life & Loss.

Melissa Plunkett, This is my story, this is my song

Kelly Sanders: Stick With Me Kid…We’re Heading for Adventure…(dramas of my life)

Now it’s your turn!

Leave the title of your Autobiograpy in the comments section below.

Feel free to explain or comment on other’s titles if you like, this is your family, too!

*Please leave titles on this post rather than Facebook, so we can all come back and enjoy them for months and years to come. 🙂

Thank you for joining in and have fun!




  1. “Busier than a cat trying to cover it up: surviving marriage, a career, and raising devilish spawn, all at the same time.” 😉

  2. Life Under the Iron Moon…or Living Behind the Vulcan

    The Vulcan is an iron statue in Birmingham, AL and his backside is uncovered and anatomically correct. Everyone in Homewood is blessed to be mooned by him daily.

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