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UPDATE: Unfortunately, there is no longer a Southern Plate Store. I just didn’t have the time and help to run it, I’m afraid – and I hate selling things. I prefer to give things away 🙂 So if I ever become independently wealthy, I’ll send all of y’all canister decal sets 🙂 Gratefully, Christy

One of the questions I get asked the most from is “Where did you get your canisters? I love them!”. Well thank you so much,I’m tickled to death that you like them as much as me! I’ve never been able to tell folks where they could get their own until today though, because I actually made those up myself. You see, my old Tom’s Jar was the inspiration for my canister set a couple of years ago when I designed the lettering and had my father in law cut them out in his vinyl shop. A quick coat of paint to the lids and my canister set was born!

The good news is that as of today, you can make your own set just like I did because I am now offering the Southern Plate Canister Decal Set in the new online Southern Plate store! Quantities are limited and once they sell out they won’t be for sale again until we restock so pick up your set today and then follow along this tutorial to see exactly how I made mine.

Update: In the first hour of the store being opened we sold over half our stock of the decal sets. If they are sold out when you go to the store please know that we’re working on making more now. We hope to have more in stock by week’s end so check back if we’re sold out. Thank you!

To start with you will need clean glass canisters of your choice. You will also need tape and a canister decal set from the Southern Plate Store.

These canisters were purchased at Wal Mart and Target. Old Time Pottery and many other stores that carry kitchen merchandise will have glass canisters similar to these or that will work just as well.

Lay out your labels and decide which ones you are going to use.

Place a small piece of tape, sticking side facing up, on the far left end of one of your words.

You should be holding the word so that it reads properly when facing you, not backwards.

Align your word on the front of your canister and make sure you have it where you want it,

then stick it down using the tape on the end.

Lift the untaped end and gently peel the backing off.

like this.

Holding it taut to keep your letters straight, gently begin pressing it down onto your canister as shown in the next photo…

As you press down, run your finger over each letter when it makes contact with the canister to ensure it goes on smoothly and with no bubbles.

like this.

Once you have your entire word onto the canister, go over it again with your fingers,

pressing and smoothing down each line of each letter.

Gently peel back the paper to reveal your lettering.

And there ya go!

*These are not dishwasher safe. To wash your canisters please wash the inside only in the sink and gently wipe off the outside as needed.

Here is a set all ready to go with stainless steel lids (I’m about to show you how I painted mine).

and here is a cookie jar in a different type of canister that I picked up.

Notice the similarity to my antique Tom’s jar. This is what I first modeled my canister set after when I designed the letters and made them a couple of years ago. This jar was purchased at Wal Mart and is just about identical to the Tom’s design. I just love it, but really, any glass jar would work just as well.

Wanna paint your lids like I did? Lets get to it!

First, you’ll need to take apart each lid as pictured both above and below..

The paint I use on mine is Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel.

The color I get is called “Sunrise Red”.

NOTE: Due to the design of my canisters, none of my painted surfaces will be touching food ingredients. Please be careful that if you are painting a surface that will be touching food or ingredients, your paint is food safe.

On a warm sunny day, lay out all of your parts on cardboard in your yard somewhere.

  • You’ll need to apply at least two coats of paint. The first coat should be extremely light. (You’ll probably still see some of the original color showing through.) Spraying too much on the first coat will cause bubbles to form on the lids. Make sure you are far enough away that the wind will not blow any paint overspray onto something you don’t want painted.

Spray your paint in nice even coats.

Make sure you do this on a warm, sunny day for best results and as I said be careful of the wind and overspray or there is no telling what you’ll end up getting red paint on.

This is a set with bright red lids all freshly done.

The “Coffee” canister isn’t in this photo but the decal for it is included in the set along with “Cookies”.

Please note: The canisters are not included in the kit you will purchase. Decals only are included. You will need to purchase glass canisters of your choice as well as paint if you choose to paint them.

This is what my lid looks like after a little over two years of heavy use.

I love how this just adds to the antique look of the jars. Ricky keeps wanting to re pain them but I won’t let him!

To purchase my canister decal kit, visit the Southern Plate Store.

Note: Once kits sell out they will not be for sale again until we have had a chance to restock.

See below for photos of more fun things available in the store!

Click here to visit the store

An assortment of Southern Plate aprons

Car (or fridge) magnet

Car (or fridge) magnet

Vinyl decal

Southern Plate Canister Decal Set

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  1. Christy I just wanted to let you know, I have finally found someone to make my decals stickers for my newly renovated canisters. Love Love Love them. I done the decals in chalkboard black. They only cost me 8.00 and I love them.

  2. I found the canisters at Kmart. They are called Mini Montana Jars by Anchor Hocking and the lids are already red. I have checked all over online and in stores and had no luck. I never thought Kmart would have them………..but they did. Just wanted to share.

  3. Christy i read where the store is closed can i still order the canister decals if so how do i go about doing that? Thanks

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