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I had a lot of fun this past weekend when I got a wild hair and decided to see if any of our Facebook Family members had questions they’d like me to answer. I then did a series of live videos answering them and posted them all on Facebook. Y’all were so sweet in your responses so I thought I’d post them here as well, in case anyone else was curious!

This ended up being a LOT of fun for me! There are five videos total and I put a summary below each one of what questions I answered.

The one recipe that I’ve never been able to find, my kitchen staples, Poke Sallet, best recipes for cooking with preschool aged children.

Mama answers one of your questions! What is my dream job?

Plans for Southern Plate, suggestions for stocking your pantry, what I have on hand at all times, substituting Splenda.

How I store my dry goods, my favorite coating for fried fish, School lunch ideas, and the story of how I met my husband. 🙂

Advice for cooking for just one, using lard, my preferred shortening, advice on whether it is best to self publish a cookbook or go with a publisher, Would you ever consider doing a cookbook featuring crock pot meals?

Information about how I made my canister set, more on the shortening that I love, and the Southern Plate Basket.

I really had fun doing these videos and getting to chat with y’all! I’m very much a people person (big shocker there) and the interaction here felt like we were visiting with each other. I’d love to do this again so keep your eye on my Facebook page and next time I get a chance I’ll open it up for questions again and post more live video answers!

“Don’t drive into the future with

your eyes in the rear view mirror.”

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  1. Loved the videos, felt like I was actually visiting with ya! You have such a positive, friendly attitude! Enjoyed our visit and hope to do it again real soon!

  2. I was honored to be the first question. You did a great job answering all kinds of questions.

    I now have my mother reading your blog. It was the bbq pork recipe that won her over.

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