Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

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Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

My FAVORITE dishes are those made with in season fruits and veggies. With that in mind, we are coming into the best time of year here in the South! Strawberries are coming in where I live so I thought I’d share some fresh strawberry recipes with you in this post. Click title to go directly to that recipe post.

I hope you find a new favorite on this list. If you try any of them, come back and let us know which ones!


Strawberry Delight from Southern Bite

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Fresh Strawberry Pie from SouthernPlate

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Crock Pot Strawberry Breakfast Cake from Recipes That Crock

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Fresh Strawberryade from SouthernPlate

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

This one doesn’t have fresh strawberries but it is just too unique to pass up!

Strawberry Kool-Aid Ice Cream from Mommy’s Kitchen!

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Splenda Cream Cheese Pie from SouthernPlate

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Strawberries & Cream Cake from South Your Mouth

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Pecan Bread from Southern Plate 

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Big Bear’s Wife

Favorite Seasonal Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Hot Milk Sponge Cake from The Country Cook



Kind hearts are the gardens

Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the blossoms

Kind deeds are the fruits

~19th Century School Primer


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  1. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so these recipes are right up my alley. I want to try the strawberry pecan bread first!

  2. I like your recipe for Strawberry Cobbler (the one which is a batter with berries poured on top which bake into the puffed up cobbler). It’s a great one to make with kids because ingredients are SO simple (one cup each: milk, sugar, self-rising flour, plus one stick butter + 2 cups berries) and it looks like magic when the batter puffs up around the berries.

  3. Love Strawberries almost as much as I like Raspberries.Any fruity recipe would be appreciated. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for including my Strawberry Banana Smoothie! I love strawberry season! I can’t wait to go strawberry pickin’ around here!

    1. Angie, I just read your strawberry/banana smoothie recipe. It sounds wonderful. BUT, I have to ask…how was your trip to Hawaii????


  5. Strawberry pecan bread is already a favorite but I will have to try fresh strawberry pie when my berries come in again, we are in Fall over hear in Australia and I have to dig through my saved recipes for apple and pear treats. You are always inspirational Christy, I am looking forward to your new book coming out! I have the first two and they are like sitting down for a visit with you. God bless from Judi

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