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fresh lunch fast strip

Today I’m going to let you in on something: I don’t cook lunch. Sure, there are exceptions on some days and every now and then Katy and I will get a cooking bug mid day and head on into our little lab to experiment, but under normal circumstances, I do not cook lunch.

Why? Well for one, we’re busy. I have a full time job with SouthernPlate®, Katy and I homeschool, and then there is the house and family to take care on top of all of that. Something has to give and we have so many fresh lunches that we enjoy that we’ve never missed a “cooked” lunch.

So today I’m going to show you a fresh lunch shortcut that we rely on a few times each week. It’s always ready and we can even eat it at our desks if need be – great for homeschooling! This is also easy to convert to a lunch on the go if a particularly pretty day comes along and we decide to brown bag it to the park – or if Katy decides to read in her hammock outside.


This is where the start of the show comes from, the Wal Mart packaged deli aisle.

getting turkey

And if you look closely, you can see Katy’s “Why are you taking a picture of me?” face!


We keep it simple because Katy and I both prefer our sandwiches plain, so we just use: Wheat bread, Hillshire Farm® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast,  Carrots, and whatever fruit we are in the mood for that week.

they see me rolling

Rather than traditional sandwiches, Katy likes “turkey logs”. To make these, we just roll out a piece of bread until flat, add a few slices of turkey, roll it up tightly, and cut the ends off. 

in boxes

Hillshire Farm® comes in reusable containers so we just store our turkey logs in one of those. They sit happily in the refrigerator for lunches or quick snacks. We go through a LOT of carrots at my house so I have another empty turkey container for carrot sticks.


With these stacked in our refrigerator, it only takes a few minutes during the week for a Fresh Lunch Fast!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hillshire Farm®. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. What a good idea. I probably would add a slice of cheese, but then cheese , bacon, or onions can usually make anything better!
    I also have a question: why does my computer seem to go very slow or freeze up when I am scrolling on your website? Is it because there are so many people using the site at the same time?

    1. When there are a lot of people on at the same time we do tend to get throttled a bit in terms of traffic but that shouldn’t really be a problem that is noticeable unless there is a big giveaway or something going on here. I might try using a different internet browser (and make sure you aren’t using internet explorer, that is the cause of 90% of all internet problems) and then maybe sitting for just a minute to let the page load fully before scrolling around. That way, if your connection is what is causing it to be slow, it has time to get all loaded and should perform faster since there isn’t any more data to be fetched. I hope this helps and thanks so much for being here!

  2. For some reason I envision you cooking 3 meals a day. I see why you don’t have time. Gotta say that those pre-made turkey rolls are a great idea.

      1. I appreciate very much your honesty in confiding that you are trying to get everything done like the rest of us. It only add more charm to you and your family. I seldom hear about your household chores, like cleaning, or clothes washing. Do you have any secrets for us? I have a very large family and 2 dogs and spend my day vacuuming dogs hair, washing for 6 of us, cooking, and helping my husband with office accounting. I am trying to write down my recipes in electronic, and writing for my blog, but there is so little time!. Perhaps you can give us some guidance in this!. Love your stories, and I am a fan of many of your recipes, you are a bright and sweet lady!

  3. We eat a lot of cheese and veg for lunch, will have to give these a try. Although I like butter and or cream cheese on my bread, but look yummy.

  4. What a great idea, love the turkey logs. My daughter & I also like our sandwiches plain. And Christy, your daughter is so cute!

  5. Gee you guys are easy to please. No mayo? No hot mustard? No Swiss cheese? No tomatoes? No lettuce? I do save my ‘deli meat’ containers for storing my husband’s lunch – saves on plastic wrap or Baggies.

    Happy eating.

    1. Exactly! I need to remind my husband how low maintenance I am. The downside is that when folks are at our house and want to make a sandwich, I rarely have any of those things and they are just baffled as to why I don’t! 😀 I only have mayo if I need it for a particular recipe.

      1. I ‘get’ the mayo thing…it’s not for everyone, but you should TRY some good not-too-spicy brown mustard. It elevates the taste of the meat to a new level. And Swiss cheese with turkey is delightful.

        Sadly, I have severe gluten allergy (for 35 years) so no bread for me. Therefore I like to take turkey and put it on top of a slice of Swiss cheese and a dollop of hot mustard on top of the turkey and roll all that up and eat it much like your turkey rolls – without the bread.

        Thanks for all your ‘positive’ reinforcement in a somewhat messed up, negative universe!

      2. I thought it was just me! I’m definitely a ‘Plain Jane’ when it comes to sandwiches and often find myself apologizing for being the weird one. It’s great to realize I’m in such good company, thanks!!

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