Grilled Bananas – Best Kept Secret

Grilled Bananas Recipe


My first thoughts when getting ready to write this post on grilled bananas were “They’re gonna think I am weird”.

But honestly, if you are just now figuring that out about me, we got us one Jim Dandy of a learning curve here.  Just about all Southerners are weird (the good ones at least).  Where else do folks call every carbonated beverage a “coke” or “co-cola” despite flavor, brand, or location? 

Now outside of the south, folks might call our weird behavior “eccentric” but everybody knows eccentric is just weirdness puttin’ on airs and Southerners don’t put on no airs.

 Now you know I’m not going to bring you something unless I absolutely love it. This grilled bananas recipe wins bonus points with me also because it uses up food that might otherwise have gone bad or wasted and that’s another tender spot of mine.  

People that come from my kind of people don’t like to waste food.


This is a great last minute dessert to have while you’re grilling out or cooking in.

Just put them on when you put your hamburgers on and wait til they turn good and black.

Don’t you just love it when you make food that is SUPPOSED to turn black? Me too.

Ingredients for Grilled Bananas

  • You’re gonna need:
  • Bananas
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar Use light or dark brown sugar, whatever you have on hand is fine.
  • Cinnamon We also found that a little cinnamon is DIVINE mixed in as well.


Smoosh up your margarine and brown sugar really good.


You will have a nice pasty mixture like this.

If you don’t get you a pinch of that I’m going to be very disappointed in you.

Anytime you are making something with brown sugar, it’s very bad luck not to taste it 😉


Lay your banana on its side and cut a slit in it but don’t go through the bottom of the peel.


Stuff it with your brown sugar mixture.


Set it on the grill or in a pan. It doesn’t have to be any special temperature, just whatever you have it set on for what you are cooking is fine.


Watch it ….

Your banana is cooking to ooey gooey goodness.


Almost done but not quite. Lets let it get nice and black.


NOW we’re talkin’!


This is delicious served alongside ice cream. You can eat it out of the peel or…

Take it out and chop it up a bit to use as a topping for your ice cream.


If you’re not using your smile, you’re like someone with a million dollars in the bank and no check book.

~Les Giblin  

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  1. Christy, when I did a search for grilled bananas a few days ago, little did I know I was going to find an addiction! And I’m not talkin’ ’bout the nanners! No, THIS WEBSITE is a treasure! I’ve been back every single day and can’t get enough of your recipes, or your wonderful comments about all things southern. I’m going to recommend the site to a group of internet friends who are far-flung (from near Houston, to waaaaaay up in Alberta, CA) and I know (now that the more northern of the bunch has learned what “y’all” means and is s’posed to sound like) they’ll love it too.

    By the by… I was wondering if you still intend to post the recipe for your sister-in-law’s (a fellow “Tina”, she MUST be a GREAT person!) recipe for homemade custard… sounds too good to be true with the bananas. I’ve searched the index and the ‘fill-in’ search, but no luck.

    Keep sharing, and thank you!!!

  2. All right ladies and gentlemen…some of your “southern ways” are in the north too! We moved from Michigan and lived in Georgia (west of Atlanta) and a year in Alabama (smack dab between Birmingham and Montgomery) for the last year.

    1.Mayo and tomato sandwiches. Grandpa eating onions like an apple, he always was it down with a glass of milk.

    2. Fried bologna sandwhiches, except we used ketchup instead of mayo.
    3.Grandma has been eating baked beans on bread for years. I like those.

    Things I find weird:
    1.Red hot-dogs. What is up with that?????? I cannot mentally get over the weird sight of that.

    2.Peanut butter sandwiches with HONEY????? That caught me off guard. I had never heard of them before!

    3.Pickle Sickles….who thought of freezing pickle juice and licking it like a pop-sicle? That turns my stomach! And so many kids came to the concession stand during the Little League baseball games to get one! I never knew people ate pickles so much or froze the juice! You guys (northern expression for y’all) love pickles more than anyone I’ve ever met! Not that it’s a bad thing…just different. We eat pickles…but always had more cucumbers in the garden than we could use! I’m guessing everyone down here keeps a tight grip on their garden cukes!LOL!

    4. Sweet tea. I know, I know. Near blasphemy to hate it…but I do. Sorry. My redemption is that our daughter is hooked on it like it is the nectar of the Gods! I had it as a child back home. We were visiting a great aunt and mom said to eat or drink whatever we were served. I loved tea. We always had unsweetened ice tea. Always. So I eagerly answered her that I would like some tea when she asked us that hot afternoon. I’ll never forget choking down that concoction! I also remember the sheer terror I felt when she asked me if I would like more and I was afraid she’d refill my glass and I would have to start over!

    5. Bar-b-q at every corner or bait and tackle! LOL! We like our bar-b-q but evidently not as much as y’all. I’ve seen it at gas stations! In Michigan you were never more than a few miles from water, that’s true of b-b-q down here. Both in Georgia and Alabama! But you know your stuff!

    That’s all I can think of for the moment! We really are more similar than most think! I hope I haven’t offended ya with my yankee observations. It’s been fun moving around and absorbing other “cultures” and uniqueness! Hope you had a little fun reading about how odd red hot-dogs and pickle sickles are to me!

    Christy…thanks for the post on your T.V. debut! I wanted to watch but had to pick our girl up from Girl Scouts last night! It was great seeing it! Can’t wait to see you “teach the world to make banana pudding”! Love ya and your posts! Thanks for making us feel like old friends and sharing your heart and soul with us!

  3. I just made your biscuit doughnuts and blogged about them. Delicious.

    Love this post and all of the comments!! I’ve never grilled bananas but (half my family is Colombian) I have had grilled plantains with melted mozzarella. I’m telling ya, it’s divine.

    As for banana and mayo sandwiches…I’m not going there. lol. I did grow up eating french fry sandwiches, which my dad always made. Recently found out that he learned it from his mom. French fries, mayo, ketchup, salt on white. yum.

    Recently heard someone say they didn’t know what a fried Bologna sandwich was. What?! Who raised these folks 🙂

  4. My cousin and I used to eat mustard and onion sandwiches all the time. The peanuts in the Coke, as someone said earlier, was good too. I love salt on my cantaloupe, watermelon, grapefruit, apples and oranges. But I can’t wait to try the nanners. Yummers…

  5. Yummy! I love bananas! One of my favorite fruits. In South America, where I was born, they make this really yummy banana fritter. I still haven’t learned how to do it yet but this has me motivated to ask my Dad for the recipe.

    Plus, bananas, butter & brown sugar…always great in my book! Now I just need to go fire up the grill!

  6. southern weirdness….Counting every pint, quart, gallon of everything you ever picked, canned or froze….I remember being given the opportunity to pick in someones sweet corn patch…I could have all I wanted…I just was asked to count every ear I picked. 400 to be exact! (my children still remember this day! LOL)…this way the owner would know how many ears that patch produced. One time we put 150 apple cobblers in the freezer. You southerners understand this…I must admit I was a bit of a city girl with southern ties but after returning to my roots I learned you count everything and measure the rain…for there are a southerners “Bragging Rights”….

  7. Hey, y’all! Have loved reading all of your comments!! Don B’s comment reminded me of how my Mama would crumble some cornbread (only some of my family called it “corn pone”) and then pour buttermilk over it. We also had homemade buttermilk ice cream.

    Something I just thought of…our Yankee friends think we are weird when we talk about pecans–as in “pah-kahns–the RIGHT way to say it–NOT “pee-cans”!!! Isn’t that right, y’all?!

    Back to the cornbread or corn pone–my Pawpaw loved what he called “hoe cakes,” or fried cornbread. We ate these with syrup!

    We also sometimes dipped our fried fish into syrup or yellow mustard!

    More later, y’all!

    1. You are totally correct on pecans! I have never said Pee-cans! I wonder where that started?

      Cindy…a Michigan girl transplanted in the deep south!

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