Grilled Bananas – Best Kept Secret

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Grilled Bananas Recipe


My first thoughts when getting ready to write this post on grilled bananas were “They’re gonna think I am weird”.

But honestly, if you are just now figuring that out about me, we got us one Jim Dandy of a learning curve here.  Just about all Southerners are weird (the good ones at least).  Where else do folks call every carbonated beverage a “coke” or “co-cola” despite flavor, brand, or location? 

Now outside of the south, folks might call our weird behavior “eccentric” but everybody knows eccentric is just weirdness puttin’ on airs and Southerners don’t put on no airs.

 Now you know I’m not going to bring you something unless I absolutely love it. This grilled bananas recipe wins bonus points with me also because it uses up food that might otherwise have gone bad or wasted and that’s another tender spot of mine.  

People that come from my kind of people don’t like to waste food.


This is a great last minute dessert to have while you’re grilling out or cooking in.

Just put them on when you put your hamburgers on and wait til they turn good and black.

Don’t you just love it when you make food that is SUPPOSED to turn black? Me too.

Ingredients for Grilled Bananas

  • You’re gonna need:
  • Bananas
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar Use light or dark brown sugar, whatever you have on hand is fine.
  • Cinnamon We also found that a little cinnamon is DIVINE mixed in as well.


Smoosh up your margarine and brown sugar really good.


You will have a nice pasty mixture like this.

If you don’t get you a pinch of that I’m going to be very disappointed in you.

Anytime you are making something with brown sugar, it’s very bad luck not to taste it 😉


Lay your banana on its side and cut a slit in it but don’t go through the bottom of the peel.


Stuff it with your brown sugar mixture.


Set it on the grill or in a pan. It doesn’t have to be any special temperature, just whatever you have it set on for what you are cooking is fine.


Watch it ….

Your banana is cooking to ooey gooey goodness.


Almost done but not quite. Lets let it get nice and black.


NOW we’re talkin’!


This is delicious served alongside ice cream. You can eat it out of the peel or…

Take it out and chop it up a bit to use as a topping for your ice cream.


If you’re not using your smile, you’re like someone with a million dollars in the bank and no check book.

~Les Giblin  

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  1. My favorite “wierd” sandwich was peanut butter, mayonaise and dill pickles. It really tasted great when I was growing up. When I was pregnant I had to have peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches grilled. Now that was the BEST!!! All gooey and hot….I havent had one in a long time, but then I haven’t been pregnant in a long time either.

  2. A sandwich of american cheese, pineapple slices and mayo on white bread. Anybody heard of that?

  3. I have an older friend who was stationed “up North” when he was in the army. He tells the story of sitting in a diner one morning and he asked for sweet milk to drink. He says the waitress looked at him like he was crazy. She then put a glass of milk in front of him and a container of sugar and said, “There’s the milk and there’s the sugar. You make it as sweet as you want it!” LOL–Bless her heart!

  4. Souther than I am I hear people eat apple or pineapple sandwiches. White bread, mayo and whichever fruit cranks your rototiller.

  5. I’d have to say I’m sticking with the Banana Theme here, but Peel a banana and cut it long ways, on the cut side spread mayonaise and top with any chopped nuts, peanuts is the usual. When I tell people about this they look at me like I’m crazy but I learned this from residents in a nursing home I used to work in, and I thought it was crazy also, but I tried it and It’s awesome! Finally when people try it, they understand the flavors work perfect together!

    1. Justini, my mama used to take bananas, peel them, cut them in half, spread mayonnaise on them and roll them in crushed peanuts, too!! She called them banana croquettes. She would usually refrigerate them before serving them….on my word!!! Shear heaven!

  6. this looks delicious, I just have one question, cause I couldn’t tell from the pics. Did you removed the banana or you put the mixture over it? And the butter with brown sugar makes a good caramel also a little bit of vanilla would work with it. Hmm yammy!!

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