Huntsville, Alabama signing

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The past week has gone by in a frenzied blur and as I am just now feeling caught up on sleep (I’ll never feel caught up on family time) I thought I’d try to do a quick recap and pass on the photos of the events before I hit the road again this afternoon.

Books A Million in Huntsville hosted my hometown book signing. On the way there, I asked my friend Jyl “Am I supposed to get there early and go find the manager or something?” She shrugged and said “I don’t know, I ain’t never been to a book signing before, I thought you had.”

“No, I’ve never been to a bookstore one, the only ones I’ve ever been to are the two I just did and they were at events.”

We laughed as we parked the car and realized that we were about to learn how book signings go…

I was holding my breath hoping people would be there (you always worry, you know) and didn’t quite know how to respond to the crowd that showed up other than to hug and thank them!

Here are a few highlight photos. I’ll have more up later. If you’d like to see the entire set of photos from Huntsville, you can visit my flickr stream by clicking here.

Huntsville Alabama

Me and Mrs. Evelyn Warren. She is the dearest person who came to see me the first time I ever spoke at Athens State University. It was such a treasure to get to see her and her wonderful husband again!

Huntsville Alabama

I LOVE it when kids come to anything I do!

(Even better when Eyore tags along!)

Huntsville Alabama

I really enjoyed chatting with these ladies!

Check out my beautiful coozie with the polka dots, bright fuchsia bow, and “C” on it! It was a gift!

I was DOUBLY honored to have a real photographer (which I am most certainly Not) to cover this event for me and Miss Stephanie Fenton was kind enough to share the following images. There are lots more but I am just picking a few.

We have photos of me and just about everyone there so those are on my Flickr stream if you wanna see all the hug shots 🙂

Christy Jordan

I’m calling this my “I haven’t had botox” shot 🙂

A line! There was a line!

SarahBeth and her mom, Lisa brought me pear preserves and fig preserves, after she read the story of me and my Grandaddy.

Really touched me, thank you.

Look at those beautiful faces!

To see more photos of the Huntsville signing, click here.

Now I just have to do posts on Oxford, Memphis, and Jackson but I’m heading out to Atlanta and Asheville today so we’ll see what we have time for. Next week I’m headed to Texas and Oklahoma! To visit my tour page, please click here.

I am SO ENJOYING getting to meet you all. I cannot thank you enough for coming out to see me!

Below is a list of where I’ve been so far and where I’m heading. Would love to see you if you can make it.

Due to time constraints, workload, and my number one job being that of Mama to my wonderful kids, I’m unable to add more stops to my tour at this time. If a feasible opportunity ever arises for me to visit more of you, I’d dearly love to!

Sept 30 – University of North Alabama/Florence, ALTo print the Recipe Cards from this event please click here!

October 10 -Southern Festival of Books/Nashville

October 11 – Books a Million/Huntsville, AL/7:00PM *

October 12 -Square Books/Oxford, MS/5:00PM *

October 13 -Davis Kidd/Memphis/6:00PM *

October 14 -Lemuria/Jackson, MS/5:00PM *

October 18 -Barnes and Noble/Atlanta, GA/7:00PM * (Mama will be with me at this one!)

October 19 -Malaprops/Asheville, NC/7:00PM * (Mama will be with me at this one, too!)

October 25 –(location changed) Leibman’s Fine Wine and Foods/Houston, TX/7:00PM *

October 26 – Barnes & Noble/ Garland, TX (near Dallas)/ 6:00PM*

October 27 -Book People/Austin, TX/7:00PM *

October 28 -Borders/Oklahoma City, OK/7:00PM *

November 3- Page & Palette/Fairhope, AL/4:00PM *

November 4 -Books a Million/Birmingham, AL/7:00PM *

November 13- Christmas Jubilee, Mobile, AL

December 2 -University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL 4:00


  1. so, I am a little late looking at the pictures but they are Great! I cannot wait t show Skylar and Summer the one of you and them. They are going to be so excited as so am I! You are wonderful keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Wish you were coming down here to the coast so I could get a big ole hug!!! Stay safe and have a great time on your travels.

  3. Christie,
    It was nice to see you in Huntsville, AL I hope things continue to go great for you. I am enjoying my cookbook.
    Thank you for sharing and posting all the pictures. Be safe on your travels.

  4. I’m so happy your first week of book signing went well! Congratulations and happy travels this week! I’m loving your cookbook, especially all the stories in it! The recipes I’ve tried have been wonderful! Thank you! God bless!

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