Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

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Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

My wonderful hometown of Huntsville, Alabama is celebrating restaurant week THIS WEEK, August 15-24, and you won’t want to miss it! I have had a whirlwind weekend taking part in the Huntsville Foodie Blogger tour of some of these restaurants with a group of amazing bloggers. We met up at a different restaurant each day for three days to sample the special Restaurant week specials and mercy, were they good!

What’s so fabulous about Restaurant week?

Well, pretty much everything. But of special note is that all restaurants participating in restaurant week are offering special menus for their diners with very special prices. Participating restaurants are offering a two course lunch with prices at  $5, $10, and $15 and three course dinner priced at $10, $20, and $30. This is a great opportunity to try out new restaurants and pick up on a good value at the same time.

There are 39 participating restaurants in Huntsville this year! To see a list of participating restaurants, please click here.

And the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is hosting ten days of giveaways during restaurant week as well!  Simply tweet or post to social media (Facebook, instagram, twitter), using the official Restaurant Week hashtag #DineHSV and tell us your favorite part of Huntsville Restaurant Week, what dish you most want to try, etc. One winner will be chosen each dayof Restaurant Week to win a gift certificate to participating restaurants. That winner could be you! For more details about the giveaways, please click here.

Wanna hear about my weekend?

Get ready for your stomachs to growl…

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

We started out with lunch on Friday at Sady’s in Providence Village. I had a chicken salad crepe and a fruit crepe.

Two crepes in one meal? Yes. And it was every bit as delicious as it sounds, too!

This is a neat little location and much more affordable than you’d expect if you are like me and kinda expect to have to give up your firstborn to eat in Providence :).

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

This is all of us, mid-eatin’. You can check out Rocket City Mom, Jane Random, The Dining Dragon, The Foodie Army Wife, and The Jealous Crumpet on their blogs, which you should, because they are awesome. Seriously, some of the nicest people and such a joy to get to have lunch with them every day for three days!

Sady’s is a great place for a girlfriend’s lunch.

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

This is us at D’Licious Dining near 5 points. Oh my, that was some good food. They offer soul food, traditional American classics, and Caribbean cuisine. The owner is actually from Jamaica and while his Jamaican fare was wonderful, I gotta say that the man knows how to make some fried green tomatoes!

And yes, that is me with a  hamburger. But it was just one of those days where I needed a hamburger, you know? It was spot on perfect, right down to the toasted bun. We all kinda dug into a variety of samples throughout the meal though.

I’ll be taking my kids back to this place.

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

Sunday, we ventured out to a standard favorite of mine, New Market BBQ, to eat on the porch. Everything they serve is wonderful but I have to go with the smoked chicken because they just do it so right! Often, when places smoke chicken it ends up dry but Libby’s chicken is the most moist and tender I’ve ever had.

Be sure you save room for dessert! And if you don’t, get dessert to go!

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

This is me and the owners of New Market BBQ, Kelly and Libby. I’m proud to call them friends (especially when I’m hungry!).

Now it’s your turn! If you live in my area, what restaurants are you gonna check out this week?

Be sure to click here for a list of participants and if you are on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post about restaurant week using hashtag #DineHSV for a chance to win prizes all week long!!!


  1. My dear friend Christy! We surely enjoyed having you and all the @rcbloggers out to eat with us! It was a GREAT JOY getting to feed you guys such a wide variety of our menu! I hope you TASTED something other than the Chicken while you were! You and Chicken! So appreciative of your kind words and that you LOVE our chicken so much..

    Yes, getting dessert to go is a great idea when you just don’t have room for another bite..oh yeah, one other great suggestion is to LOAD UP! So many people say wow, that was a bit of a drive, but after they eat, they come back up and tell us it was WORTH IT! Be sure to take home a lb of this or that for dinner or lunch the next day. It’s always great to have some left overs in the fridge for an easy quick meal the following day or two and you’ll be glad you did and so will your family! All of our sides reheat well, especially our Smoked Mac n’ Cheese. Just put in a glass covered dish in the microwave for a couple minutes and it tastes like it just came off our pit. We look forward to seeing you again Christy along with your crew! Thanks for sharing about us!! Hugs and till next time, oh and I’ll be sure to give Angel a pet or two for ya!! LOL!! Libby

  2. Thanks for joining the CVB in hosting a fun evening “A night out with the Chefs!” You were a great MC!

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