June Scripture Writing Plan

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Shannon from Swtblessings.com has created another WONDERFUL Scripture Writing Plan for June. There is an English version and Spanish version. You can find more wonderful creations from Shannon by visiting her Etsy store (click here).

Writing out scripture allows me to focus on it in a way that is much more meaningful in my scattered mind. I’m able to slow my thoughts down, draw closer to Him, and really get inside the word in a whole new way. I encourage you to try this as the results can be life changing.

This month’s writing plan has a special theme. According to Shannon, “This month I once again felt very strongly that I needed to do a set of verses on a specific topic and so I chose a topic that so many, myself included, struggle with: FORGIVENESS
Quick NOTE: When doing the monthly plans (especially the topical ones) I may occasionally repeat verses- since they are appropriate for more than one topic. Please know that I work to keep repeats to a minimum (I actually keep a big old spreadsheet to keep from having too many repeats) but occasionally it will happen!”

To open up a printer friendly version of any of these scripture writing plans, just click on the photo or title and it will open up in a page all by itself.

English Scripture Writing Plan

June Scripture Writing Plan English


Spanish Scripture Writing Plan

June Scripture Writing Plan Spanish


Plain Scripture Writing Plan

June Scripture Writing Plan plain


  1. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you ! Inspires me to read my Bible more and just knowing there are others reading the same as what I’m reading and praying is so up lifting ! Like minds.

  2. Thank you for supplying these In this really busy world we need to be reminded of what is truly important…. a relationship with Christ and food for the soul.
    Thank you for your honoring Him, too.

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