Marble Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake and chocolate always strike me as the perfect combination for a very good reason : It is.

If you’ve ever had those cheesecake brownies made from a box before, you’re in for an amazing sight. The thickness and appearance of these brownies make them an instant show stopper. The deal is cinched when you take a bite and find that they taste every bit as good, if not better than they look! Thick, rich, chocolaty, flavor FILLED, decadent cheesecake brownies!

Wilton Brownie BooksWilton Brownie Fun

This recipe is another one from the Wilton Brownie Fun! Book. Its absolutely filled with mouth watering recipes and over the top cute ideas for decorating and serving brownies!

I’ve been carrying my copy around like a kid with their blankie. Its already dog eared and brownie scented! For more information on the book, simply click here

Let’s make some brownies!!!



You’ll need: Vanilla, sugar, cream cheese (here’s how to easily make homemade cream cheese), eggs, margarine or butter, baking powder, all purpose flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chips.

The recipe calls for Almond flavoring as well. If you enjoy almond flavoring you’ll want to use it.

My mother never used almond in her baked goods and I think that is why it tends to stand out to me so drastically whenever I taste it. I’ve baked cookies with almond flavoring before and it just doesn’t appeal to my family. However, my sister in law (Hi Stacey!) loves it. Her mother used it often in her baked goods. Talking to others, I really think that’s the key to whether you love almond flavoring or have an aversion to it. I just added a little extra vanilla in its place.


To make our cheesecake batter, place softened cream cheese and sugar in mixing bowl.


Mix until well blended, add egg and mix again.


Stir in milk chocolate chips.


Mix until well blended. Now we have our cheesecake batter done!


In a small bowl, place flour, salt…


and baking powder

Stir that up well and set aside.


In medium microwave safe bowl, place semi-sweet chocolate chips and margarine or butter.


Heat in microwave until melted. Stir up well.


Add in sugar and stir again.


It now looks like brownie batter.

If you don’t lick that spoon when we’re done, I’m disowning you.


Spray your pan with nonstick cooking spray.


Alternately drop spoonfuls of cheesecake and brownie batter into your prepared pan.

I used an 1/8 cup measuring cup to do this with.


Swirl that up a bit by dragging a spoon or knife through it.


How gorgeous is that? The little chocolate chips in the cheesecake batter add the perfect touch.


Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes, or until done.


Remove from pan using the Wilton Brownie Lifter which is perfectly angled to get brownies and other desserts out of the pan with ease. Its angled, has a chiseled edge, and dishwasher safe! Even my first brownie came out perfect.

Thick, rich, chocolaty, flavor FILLED, decadent cheesecake brownies!



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  1. Mmm… That’s my kind of brownie! I have to find some people I can bake these for! Even when my husband was eating carbs he didn’t like anything extraneous on his brownies. Just plain brownie! One of those dropped on his head things, ya know! And I love almond flavoring!

  2. Girl! I am never going to lose weight if I continue to read your blog!! I just can’t resist trying the yummy recipes you share. These brownies look so good that I will probably bake them this weekend. We are expecting a very soggy weekend, so what could be better than a nice pan of brownies? Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is NOT helping the diet, Christy! Wow those look so yummy! I’m off to the store to get the chocolate chips & cream cheese!

  4. Cheesecake and chocolate. Oh my goodness! I want those brownies! I will be trying this recipe this weekend for sure.

    1. Alright Ronda, now I studied nutrition and therapeutic dietetics in college so I’m going to be completely objective here.

      Calcium is an integral part of every diet, especially in women. As we grow older, our bones tend to lose this valuable mineral and we have to take great care in making sure it is replenished.

      Seeing as how a good 50% of these brownies contain cheese (which we all know is calcium rich!)I not only recommend but urge you to eat these for breakfast and any other time you want them – especially if you are female!

      Besides, if you are craving them your body is likely pleading for more calcium. I’m sure that’s all you really wanted them for anyway. ~grins~

      1. Thank you, I will pass on the extremely helpful information with a large glass of milk and a brownie (for nutritional purposes only) 🙂

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