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  1. BillGent says

    A staple at thanksgiving for sure… I never knew those colored marshmallows were fruit flavored! I guess if ya start out dumb enough.. ya learn something new everyday lol.

    Christy, you’re keepin us in suspenders with all these hints of big stuff coming up.. lookin forward to it.

  2. Southern Plate says

    Bill You know Bill, I never knew they were fruit flavored either until I read it on the package! I just thought they were rainbow colored! I really can’t tell much of a difference in taste but I do like them better on the sweet potatoes! Hehe, I am so excited about what is coming up and y’all know how horrible I am at keeping a secret so you know I don’t have a choice! LOL

    EmilyWhitman Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily…..You will be held on high as an angel among all Southerners from here on out through each and every generation of my descendants if you email me that recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can beg if I need to!

  3. Southern Plate says

    Emily You know, now that I read over that, I remember Granny Jordan having a recipe for those called Sweet Potato Balls. I just didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. I am SLAPPING myself now and will DEFINITELy try these!! Thank you so much!!!

    Jason Hey! Let me know how you like them! They are awfully good! I just love the toasted marshmallows!

    Christy 🙂
    Oh another note, anyone ever tried to contact Google before? Its something like trying to bail out the Titanic with a dixie cup. ~grins~

  4. Rebecca says

    This is like what we always just sweet potato casserole. We have always added raisins, but have never heard of the egg. In fact, first time daughter went to her inlaws for Thanksgiving she said they “did it wrong”. Translation: candied yams not sweet potato casserole. Keep up the great work. Love your recipes. Rebecca

  5. Stephanie says

    I’ve always just had it with the canned yams. As much as I love candied yams, I think that making it with real sweet potatoes just looks so much better! Maybe I’ll volunteer to bring the sweet potatoes this year… 🙂

    You know, this would probably be really good with pecans mixed in with the marshmallows. Yum!

  6. Southern Plate says

    Rebecca LOL I’ve never had them out of a can in my entire life, would you believe that?
    I don’t think they even had canned growing up in Alabama.Raisins sound great!!
    Thank you so much, Rebecca!

    Stephanie Oh make it with real ones and get a slice to eat raw, its so good!!!! You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY with the pecans, I’m gonna have to try that!!!!!

    Belle WOOHOO!! Thank you so much for the link!! I am enjoying keeping up with that post! You got me on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zesty ~Passes you a plate with a grin and a wink~ Now, I want homemade pizza!!!!!

    Meg AMEN!!! Colored ones are just more festive! Hehe

    Deanna You know, I didn’t either until Mama told me!!!

    Jessica Thank you!! Wanna bite?/

    Life At The Lake yup and you know fun stuff gets ‘em to eat it!! Still in love with your blog, btw!

    Thank you all for reading!

  7. Mary Masters says

    I am making these at Thanksgiving. They will be a happy surprise for the grandaughters who love sweet potatoe cassarole and will flip over the colors! I might pick out the pink marshmallos for them. 🙂

  8. LuLu says

    I know this is a true southern recipe because I had all the ingredients in my kitchen. Most of time I have to go out and by something extra that I may use only one time and it just sets in my cabinet. Pull I was able to keep the webpage up and follow the instruction from it. Thanks for the pictures they really helped. Oh, ya how did you know I only had 2 sweet potatoes in my kitchen?Thanks ago it looks and taste great.

  9. says

    Jen My son loves it too!!! Hope yours does!

    Debra I do hope you like it!

    Mary Your granddaughters have a wonderful Grandmother! They will love the pastels!

    Tina YAY!!!

    Lulu I am so glad you like it!! You know, I very seldom put a recipe up here that has ingredients I don’t keep on hand. I find it kind of annoying to want to try a new recipe and have to go get ingredients that I might never use again. I just cook what I call “normal” food, things you have around the house, you don’t have to go to special expense, and its just plain good! So what if you can actually pronounce every ingredient, I don’t think that’s a bad thing!
    Thank y’all!!!!

  10. says

    My grandmother and then my mother and now I make this-we use a butter nut flavoring-very, very little or it is so strong. we always used the coconut/pecans and corn flakes topping. My new dad(they married when I was 22)-I always sad God blessed me-I had a daddy that I lost @ 13 and then Jim Northcutt came along -see Christy you are not the only one that gets sidetracked.I know make this and stripe both toppings so everyone is happy. Thanks for your great website-I have had more fun cooking since finding it than I have in years.

  11. Felica Keech-smith says

    I saw something in the store last night that was SO cute and I think would be really good on these. They were gingerbread man shaped marshmallows and had some ginger IN them also, apparently. (They sure smelled good anyway.) Plus, french vanilla & chocolate/vanilla swirls, but, the chocolate would be better with hot cocoa, I’m sure! Anyway, I love sweet potatoes, and these look really good without being too rich. (My brother has a nice sweet potato casserole that is VERY good, but, way too rich for me.) Thanks again, Christy

  12. says

    Question…..when you substitute splenda, do you use an entire 1/2 cup? And, is the taste okay? I want to make these for Thanksgiving, but want to be sure! My husband is diabetic and loves sweet potato casserole – I know there’ll be sugar in the marshmallows, but not so bad if I use splenda in the casserole!



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