Meal Plan Monday #48

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Welcome to another delicious edition of Meal Plan Monday! We had some absolutely decadent recipes last week so we just can’t wait to see what all gets linked-up this week! From this Slow Cooker Beef Brisket from Farm Wife Cooks to this amazing 4-ingredient Easiest Caramel Pie from Chaos to Peace – we’ve got some serious deliciousness for you! Also our featured host recipe for this week is for these beautiful Red Velvet Cake mix Cookies from Southern Bite. They’re absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

brisketSlow Cooker Beef Brisket from The Farm Wife Cooks

Easiest-Caramel-Pie...Ever_Easiest Caramel Pie… Ever from Chaos 2 Peace

With only 4 ingredients, these Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies are easier than you think. They're pillowy perfection!Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies from Southern Bite

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  1. Christy I must tell you I made the ground pork and Granny Smith Apple burgers. I LOVED them and ate two. My hubby turned his nose up but after tasting them ate two also. There was one left over and today he asked if he could have it, I had my eye on it, but I capitulated and he had it for lunch. You see he is a beef person all the way having lived on a farm in South Dakota and raising cattle must of his life. He would eat beef for three meals a day and snaks in between., so you must know your pork burgers were outstanding. Thank you so much!

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