Meal Plan Monday #11

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Meal Plan Monday Linkup! TONS of recipes to inspire you!

Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Some of your favorite food bloggers from around the web contribute their best recipes to help you plan out meals for your family – while keeping it lively and delicious!

Today, we are featuring two recipes that were very popular on our last edition of Meal Plan Monday.

My Featured Recipe This Week Is From : Cooking With K

COM Meatloaf Plate 1

Mother’s Meatloaf from Cooking with K. Click here to get her grandmother’s recipe for this!

To see our other Featured Recipe, visit my co-host, SouthernBite. 

This week’s links are below! Simply browse and when you see a photo you’d like the recipe for, click that to go directly to that blog post. 

Food Bloggers: We’d love to have you take part! Simply leave a link directly to the recipe you’d like featured (not to your home page, but to the recipe post) below. Leave it here or on my co-host’s blog and it will show up on both blogs. This post is emailed out to over 150k subscribers and promoted on all of our social media channels. Optional: Go back to that post on your blog and link to this one, saying that you are featured. Bloggers who do this are eligible to be pinned to our Meal Plan Monday Board and featured on our social media channels.

Hosts’ Contributions

Edible Cookie Dough – Southern Bite | THAT Strawberry Cake- Southern Plate

edible cookie dough250Fresh Strawberry Cake


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  1. Your posts are THEEE HARDEST to follow! I can never find all the recipes for the entire week (of Meal Plan Mondays) that you send each week. You have one huge picture with all the other pix embedded in the big one and just one click-link that goes to a page that goes NO WHERE to see the rest of the recipes. This happens all the time and I am going to have to unsubscribe even though I would rather have the recipes. We can send space probes to Mars but you can’t send an easier collection of your several links other than this visual mess? Goodness gracious!

    1. Hey Moxie!
      You know what’s really cool? My husband is behind some of the designs of those things that go out into outer space. Not sure if any of his have made it to Mars but they have gone to the Space Station and possibly the moon.
      If you’ll read on the newsletter I’ve said this before: “Note: This photo isn’t meant to be a high resolution image, it is just to show you a small sampling of what is available on the Meal Plan Monday post this week. If you’d like to see these beautiful recipes up close, along with all of the other wonderful recipes, please click here or on the photo below.”
      When you click on the photo or that link, that takes you to this post (which you are on, so you did go somewhere!). Once on this post, all you have to do is click on ANY photo and it will immediately take you to that particular recipe post. I realize it is an extra click, but it really is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I’ve also added this to MPM newsletters “Lots of great recipes to choose from this week! Simply visit this post, browse around, and when you see a photo you like click on it to go directly to that recipe on the blog it is from. ” I’m not sure I can make instructions any clearer but I will endeavor to try.
      There has never been a link shared that went to nowhere, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there, especially since the link you clicked took you straight to this post. I can see you are frustrated and if you’d rather unsubscribe from my newsletter, I will wish you all the best.
      Have a great day!

  2. Personal to Christy, I can’t find how to write you direct. This is personal; not for publication. Hope it’s okay to reach you this way

    Some time ago I read on your blog that you were never without Coffee Nips. I love them too, but I’ve found something I like better on Amazon and I think you might want some. It’s Kopiko Coffee and Kopiko Cappuccino hard wrapped candies. You can get small amounts but your best bet is to buy the big jar. I think they’re fabulous, especially the Cappuccino…and for a huge jar they’re a little over $12. So delicious and habit forming! Love your blog and have tried many recipes.

    P.S, My first baby was born at Redstone Arsenal in 1959 while my husband was in the Army; the maternity ward (and maybe the whole hospital at the time) was in the old Officers Mess.


    Ann Patton

  3. Christy – first I must say your Godly presence is such a joy. I have a small church with an aging couple, the sweet lady is vision impaired. My small group bible study class would like to make some freezer friendly meals for them. Other than a chicken/veg/rice casserole type dish, can you offer any other suggestions/recipes. Thank you so much for everything you bring to all of us out here each week. Be Blessed.

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