My Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Next Year

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LINKS to all books shown are below the video

~LINKS to all books shown are below the video~

Easy Grammar – I do NOT get the one marked “student workbook”. My copy has the same worksheets but the answers are in the back. If you have a child who might be tempted, get the one marked “student workbook”, but you might want to grab the other one, too, because it has a lot of helpful teaching information in it. You could also just get the one I use (not student workbook) and tear out or copy the worksheet pages. Also available on by clicking here.

Daily Grams – I don’t get the student workbook so mine has the answers in the back. If you have a child who might be tempted to make use of that, get the one marked “Student Workbook” for your grade.

Wordly Wise – This is our vocabulary program workbook. Included each week are definition and sentence structure exercises, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and more. I also use the words each week as our spelling words for the week in the Spelling City app (more info lower on this list).

Positive Action Bible Curriculum – workbook. This is our Bible curriculum for the year. Each lesson includes vocabulary, memory verse, reading comprehension, and life applicant exercises.

  • This is difficult to find on so I recommend purchasing from

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology – This series of highly engaging science books are loved by parents and kids alike. The writing style, variety of photos, and layout keep the pace going and interest at it’s peak! I teach this book by using the corresponding lap book from A Journey Through Learning.

Science In The Beginning by Dr Jay Wile – This is an additional science book we use with short lessons (2-3 pages) and an experiment with each lesson that truly uses thing found around the home.

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks – This website has countless lap books that can help make teaching a variety of subjects easy as pie! If you have a child who likes to “do” rather than just listen and read, lap books can make all the difference in the world and keep them excited about learning. I use their lap books to teach Apologia Sciences.

Story of Our World Text Books and Activity Books – This is the most fascinating history book I have ever read. These books are so interesting that this is the one reason why we started studying history in two hour segments, so we could read “just a little more” each day.

Teaching Textbooks Math – This is the math program that we LOVE! Details in video. This link will take you to all of the Teaching Textbooks grade and product selections. The link below will take you to the main Teaching Textbooks page, click any grade level to see all of the offerings for that grade.

Comprehensive Curriculum Workbooks -I buy one of these every year. They are filled with full color worksheets in a variety of subjects an great supplements. I talk about some of my favorite parts in the video.

What your Sixth Grader Needs To Know – available for many grades. I wouldn’t dream of starting my school year without this book.

Daring Girls Books – Fun ways I use these in the video 🙂 There are also Dangerous Boys books at this link. Find these on

Spelling City – Click here to visit this website. I use the online site to manage my spelling lists and grades and Katy uses the app on her iPad to learn her words and take tests.

Self Adhesive Strips To Place Lapbooks In 3 Ring Binders – click here

If I missed anything that I spoke about in the video, or if you have any questions about the items I am using please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great summer! 


  1. Thank you for all of this great information. We have been homeschooling for several years now, and this year I am looking to change things up with our approach. Two of my children will be doing sixth grade. However, one is dyslexic and I need to change things up to better meet his needs. I am going to give Teaching Textbooks a try with my sixth graders and one third grader. I am planning to stick with Easy Grammar too for all. It is just such has made grammar easy to teach and understand. We also love lapbooking. One thing that has worked for me is to make my lapbooks essentially become notebooks. I purchase a two inch three ring binder for each child, and then basically take my lapbooking materials and instead of using a file folder I hole punch card stock to place my materials on. We do this for Apologia books as well. I purchase the lapbooks like you have then divide my binders up by chapter. This has worked well too for Mystery of History timelines which I think is similar to Story of the World. Again, thank you I gained a lot of ideas from your video and resources I haven’t seen before.

  2. I was wondering where you got your cooking lapbook? I looked for it in the lapbook site you linked to and I only seen the express lapbook and it did not look like what you shown. I loved your video with all the information and your enthusiasm for doing everything is very contagious which is what was needed as I try to sort through what I want us to do this year. This will be our second year homeschooling my daughter will be in 4th, My older daughter is deciding if she will join us in the homeschooling adventure this year, She will be in 8th grade. I think it is awesome that your daughters best friend is going to be home schooled this year and they get to do things together , if that was the case for us it would make my daughters decision so much easier. Thanks for all your help and information,

  3. Oh, I wish all this was available when I home schooled my kids. It was in the early 1990’s and we were moving to Siberia to start a church. Internet education didn’t exist back then. All I had was what we could carry over. However, they learned some things you can only learn by living in another culture. I guess it all worked well because they’re both college grads now.

  4. Wow! Such great information! I am homeschooling my daughter for the first time this year due to some unseen circumstances. She will be entering the 10’th grade and I have no idea where to begin! I would love to incorporate some Bible classes as well!

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