NEW FEATURES : Recipe Box, Shopping List, Nutrition Information, Apps, and More!

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BIG NEWS for everyone who reads Southern Plate!

I now have a “Yum” button on all of my site’s posts! What does this mean for you? Well, for starters you can now save all of my recipes to a recipe box again! The Yummly recipe box is FREE and better than ever!

There are many more features as well though!

Yummly offers:

  • Easily customizable Recipe Box
  • Nutrition information on all of the recipes in your box
  • Prep time
  • Number of ingredients
  • Ability to search for recipes that use the ingredients you have on hand!
  • Make Shopping Lists
  • Organize your recipes by categories you choose if you like
  • Apps to access your recipes and shopping lists in iPhone, Android, and iPad!
  • and more!

I am just now discovering all of the great features of Yummly and every time I login I discover more and more awesomeness!

Here is a peek at my page:
yummly page

It is populated with my latest and most popular recipes on Yummly.


And here is just a little peek at the fabulous apps they offer, all free!


Access recipes from your phone or your computer, anytime, anywhere.


 How do you get this feature? Simply visit and set up an account. It’s fast, free, and easy. Then, whenever you want to add a recipe to your box, just click the “Yum” button at the top or bottom of that recipe post and it is automatically added!

I’m so excited to have this wonderful option to offer you and I hope you’ll join me and Yum up all of your favorite Southern Plate recipes!

Once you create your account, just click here to visit my Southern Plate Yum page and click “yum” on any recipe to add it to your box. On each post on you’d like to add, you’ll find a button like this (but smaller) at the top and bottom of each post:


 Click that and your recipe is automatically saved to your recipe box!

For more information on how Yummly works, please click here.

Lets get to Yumming!



  1. Okay so why oh why am I just reading about Yum. I just happened to do a search on your site praying there was a new recipe box…low and behold. Thank you so much Christy…this makes life so much easier. Now I can save your recipes again and grab the old ones. You are totally AWESOME xoxoxo

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