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  1. Jennifer says

    This is in my crock pot now, smells so good. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m using chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken, so I hope it turns out ok, I’ve heard that breasts dry out in a slow cooker.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  2. says

    I have like 6 bottles of coke in the fridge due to one of our country’s holidays and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not something we drink at all so this recipe would help get rid of some without wastage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Marilyn Hawkes says

    Followed recipe to a T but disappointed by texture. Tasted good but everything fell apart except the breasts which were kind if dried out. Would like to have seen skin brown up a little from the sauce. Also, sauce was watery with chicken fat on top so couldn’t use for sauce!gravy on rice or potatoes. Any comments?

  4. Carrie says

    My coworker & I both tried it this past weekend with fryer chickens. And both of our results were dry chicken. The meat did fall off the bone. But the white meat was cardboard. Cooked it on low for 8 hours. Would 6 hours on low get it to a safe internal temp w/o drying it out, you think? It was a smaller whole chicken, maybe 3.5 lbs.

  5. Ciarrai says

    Do you drain the sauce off afterwards or serve it in the sauce? I’m askeered to try this………..everything I make in a slow cooker tastes the same…………thin runny and blah!

  6. Ashlee says

    What is considered all day? I leave fore work at 8 and we would eat until around 6. Is that too long? I could get my dad to turn it on on his lunch break. That’s be about 8 hours. Better?

  7. 1princess1prince says

    I live on the South Carolina coast and am in need of some hands on cooking lessons from you Christy. So, I’m thinking that you could just plan a “cooking at the beach” vacation…LOL. That would be so awesome!

  8. says

    Okay, Christy ~ got my chicken in the slow cooker right now! I’ll let y’all know how it works out … I used spicy BBQ sauce (’cause we’re spicy like that) and Ginger Beer (the only soda in the house). Can’t WAIT to try this! Thanks for offering the recipe to all of us.

  9. Mary says

    Christy, I made the cornbread that is in your cookcook..(Terri’s?) too lazy to go downstairs and get it…it is absolutely the VERY BEST cornbread I have ever eaten! I have lived down South all my life and made lots and lots of cornbread, but this is wonderful! I went right by the recipe and was totally convinced there was too much milk but went ahead and used what it said..turned out great, and even today I had a piece of it and it was STILL good! Cooked it in a 10″ cast iron skillet and in 25 minutes, it was ready! Thanks so much! I have used so many of your recipes and they just keep getting betterr and better….

  10. Donna Ereddia says

    This post makes me miss my grandmother. She won a cooking contest back in the 1970’s for her Coke Chicken recipe. She made if for us all the time. Thanks for precious memories.

  11. says

    Is your fryer frozen or thawed? Sometime I cook frozen breasts in the crock pot and they are much juicer after cooking all day if they are frozen to start with. So I didn’t know if the fryer should be thawed or not.

  12. Angela Regan says

    I tried this on Wednesday and my chicken was kinda bland, don’t know why. I followed the directions, used a can of Coke….my chicken was a little over 5 lbs. and the coke an barbecue sauce didn’t completely cover the chicken, maybe that’s why? I was really surprised it didn’t have more taste, because the BBQ sauce I used tasted really strong on its own. It was a new BBQ sauce that I hadn’t tried before, Garland Jack’s brand….I did put my chicken in the crockpot breast-side down, in your picture, yours is breast-side up, does placement of the chicken make a difference?

    • Just Helping says

      Yes, it matter’s. Just like baking a chicken in the over you always cook breastside up. Which anatomically is the chicken upside down. Putting the ckicken breat side down puts the breast closest to the heat ad dries it out. Since it’s cooked faster it doesn’t absorb all the flavors. Also, choose a BBQ sauce you know and like.

  13. Cris says

    Tried the coke chicken recipe yesterday and it is fantastic – my hubby can’t get enough. I had a pack of chicken breasts I wanted to use and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing this keeper.


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