Steak Sandwiches World’s Easiest Supper!

Today I’m bringing you a super quick and easy steak sandwich recipe to give us all a break as the weeks get busier and busier. These tender juicy slices of steak go perfectly with the flavorful ingredients for these sandwiches.

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Quick and Easy Steak Sandwiches

 Even though the world won’t stop for us, we can at least streamline things a bit by serving these gorgeous steak sandwiches while, if you are so inclined, watching a football game.

Bama Steak Sandwiches ingredients

Ingredients for Steak Sandwiches

You’ll need:
  • 1 pound of roast beef lunch meat (I just got mine in the Wal Mart deli),
  • One to two cups mozzarella cheese
  • A package of soft deli rolls
  • onion
  • Butter
  •  Dale’s Sauce. If you don’t have Dale’s Sauce, you can use Moore’s Marinade, soy sauce, or a little bit of Worcestershire sauce.
You can also make your own marinade like Dale’s by clicking here to get my all purpose marinade recipe.

Instructions to Make Steak Sandwiches

Bama Steak Sandwiches ingredients
  • Chop up your roast beef a bit.
Chopping vegetales
  • Chop up your onion and bell pepper.
Melting butter
  • Melt 1/2 stick butter in skillet.
Adding ingredients to steak mixture
  • Add your onions and bell peppers to the skillet.
  • Add a tablespoon or so of your sauce, depending on your taste.
Cooking Steak mixture
  • Cook this over medium heat until your onions are tender, stirring often.
Adding ingredients to steak mixture
  • Add chopped roast beef and continue cooking and stirring just until your roast beef is warmed.
  • If you like, add another two tablespoons of your sauce.
Prepping Steak mixture
  • Once that has been stirred in and your roast beef is good and warm, turn off stove eye and sprinkle cheese all over the top and let sit until melted.
Bama Steak Sandwiches
  • Spoon onto your sandwich rolls. I like to grilled the rolls a bit to make them a little crunchy under the broiler.


If you like, you can also make this filling the day before and just put it in the fridge, then heat up your filling in the microwave and place on your roll and you’re good to go!

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  1. I made this tonight and boy was it simple and delicious!!!!! I just so happened to have it all. YUMMO!! A great man food too!

  2. I think a coniption is a really bad fit and a hissy is a little fit. Is it just me or do other people dislike the pre-shredded cheese? I know it’s fast and easy but I don’t think it has as much flavor as what you shred yourself because of the powdery substance the manufacturer puts on it to keep it from sticking together. It also doesn’t seem to melt as well. I guess I will just stick to my block of cheese and my ol’ box grater.

  3. Love the way these are made. Hubby grew up around Philly and swears that once you get 10 miles out of Philly no one knows how to make a good steak sandwich. Maybe he’ll like these.

    I do have a question for you. All good Southerners know the difference between a coniption and a hissy fit. I’ve had some (who were unfortunate enough not to have a Southern background) ask me the difference and I’ve had trouble putting it into words. If you had to tell them the difference between a coniption and a hissy, what would YOU say?

  4. I use Moore’s marinade instead of Dale’s, as it’s much lower in sodium. Moore’s also makes a low sodium version. All the flavor, way less salt.

  5. Would like to be on list to receive your weekly printer friendly recipes. Wasn’t sure where to sign up. Thanks. Love it all.

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