Crockpot Italian Beef Sandwiches

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Crockpot Italian beef sandwiches are a summer staple around here! Enjoy this easy, set-it-and-forget-it meal that your whole family will love!

crockpot Italian beef sandwich


Let’s make some Crockpot Italian Beef Sandwiches. These are SUPER easy and are always a crowd pleaser! I love taking them over to a tailgate or potluck because they stay nice and warm in the slow cooker until everyone is ready to eat. These also make a great weeknight supper or game day meal at the house and leftovers heat up like a dream. If you want to bring something else to a tailgate or potluck try some of these other recipes like Little Smokies Pigs In A Blanket5 Cup Fruit SaladChicken Nuggets On The FlySouthern-Style BBQ Air Fryer Wings, Pulled Pork Sliders for Game Day, Homemade Pizza Rolls, and Fruit Salad With Vanilla Pudding.

You hungry yet? Lets get on in that kitchen and cook us up some grub!

Crockpot Italian Beef Sandwiches Ingredients

crockpot italian beef sandwich

You’ll need: Beef Roast, can of beef gravy….AND

ingredients for crockpot italian beef sandwich

1-2 bottles of Zesty Italian Dressing.

You’re also going to need 1-2 Bell Peppers and 1 Onion.


I say “1-2” bottles of dressing and “1-2 bell peppers” because it really depends on how much you like them and how much flavor you want from them. Me? I could drink a bottle of Italian dressing and eat every bell pepper you put in front of me. I only used one bottle in this but I sometimes add another half bottle or so just to up the zingy flavor.

Helpful Kitchen Tools

put the beef in the crock pot

Place your beef roast in a slow cooker (my favorite kitchen appliance!) and cover with can of beef gravy.

Looking for a great crock pot or need a new one after years of use? We love this one! Super reliable, gets the job done every time!

cover beef with beef gravy

Put lid on and cook on low 7-8 hours or high 3-4 hours.

* Note that you are not using your Italian Dressing now. 

shredded beef in the crock pot

After it has cooked all day, remove the roast, drain off and discard all juices, shred the meat and return to the slow cooker.

add Italian dressing

Add in entire bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing and give it a good stir. The “Italian” in crockpot Italian beef sandwiches!

veggies fried in the pan

 Chop up your onion and bell pepper and place in a skillet over medium high heat to brown slightly, until your onions are caramelized and your bell pepper is tender. 

I don’t add anything to this but if your skillets tend to stick, you might want to add a tablespoon or so of cooking oil before adding in your veggies.

Now like I said, cook until that gets tender or do like me

and cook it until you get tired of fooling with them and want to get on with things.

add veggies to beef in the crock pot

Add them in with your beef and give it a good stir.

Place slow cooker on warm setting until ready to serve.

Serve your crockpot Italian beef sandwiches on buns, topped with mozzarella cheese.

crockpot italian beef sandwich

Italian Beef Sandwiches: FAQs

What type of bread should I use for the buns?

For very best results, use a brioche bun. You can find these at almost any grocery store. If you want to try a different direction, a hoagie roll would be delicious as well. If you can’t find either, whatever bun you prefer will do the trick!

What type of beef should I use? 

A chuck roast is our favorite cut of beef to use for this recipe. If you want to try another cut, consider rump roast.

What other toppings can I add?

Feel free to get creative! Try mayonnaise, horseradish, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce, aioli, mustard, and/or banana peppers. 


crockpot Italian beef sandwich

Crockpot Italian Beef Sandwiches


  • Beef Roast Pot roast, chuck roast, sirloin roast, top roast, etc. Whatever kind you have, just not eye of round
  • 1 can beef gravy
  • 1 bottle Zesty Italian Dressing
  • 1 Onion chopped
  • 1-2 bell peppers chopped


  • Place roast in slow cooker and pour can of beef gravy over. Cover and cook on low 7-8 hours or high 3-4 hours.
  • Remove roast from slow cooker and discard juices. Shred meat and return to slow cooker. Pour bottle of dressing over meat and stir.
  • In large skillet, place onion and bell pepper. Sauté over medium high heat until tender. Stir into beef mixture.
  • Cover and place on warm until ready to serve. Serve on buns and top with mozzarella cheese.
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  1. Just made these and they are absolutely to die for! Thank you so much Christy! I LOVE Southern plate and follow you on FB, as well as subscribe to your e-mails. You are such a joy andI have loved every recipe I’ve tried!

  2. Christy, i just came back from BECOMING & had the priviledge of attending your seminar (on friday night. I’m the despearate mom/wife/business owner who asked if i could use the ‘back-up meals’ as our everyday meals… Lol) Thank you so much for the much-needed motivation & encouragement; putting dinner on the table everynight now seems like a closer reality rather than a far-off dream… Lol. Anyway, now that i am home, pinning your recipes like crazy & getting my ‘game plan’ together before the craziness starts back next week, i was wondering if/how you would go about freezing any leftovers from this recipe and then preparing those leftovers (from frozen) when we’re ready to eat them.
    Thanks again… If the only Becoming seminar i went to was your’s, the trip still would’ve been worth every penny!

    1. I would just throw it in a freezer bag and freeze, then to have for another meal you can either thaw it and heat in the microwave or in a saucepan on the stove top, or you could put it back in the slow cooker until heated through.

  3. Christy, I have made and enjoyed this recipe so many times, but had to find a way to make it gluten free because my husband has celiac disease. It was so simple — just substitute an equal amount of gluten free beef broth for the beef gravy and you can’t tell the difference. Of course, you have to use gluten free bread or buns for the gluten free folks, but that is an easy change. Thanks for this wonderful and easy recipe. My grandchildren just rave about the sandwiches!

  4. Your “adventures” are starting to scare me!! :/ You need less excitement in your travels!! (Or maybe I do!!!) lol I’m glad it all ended with a “happily ever tailgate!!” 😉 With the excitement of football madness in the air, I look forward to your delicious recipes to warm the bellies of all!!! 😀

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