Using a Dehydrator to Make Shelf Stable Ground Beef

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To see the Excalibur dehydrator I currently use, click here.  For a complete collection of dehydrators offered by Amazon, click here.Dehydrating tutorial

Hey Everyone! Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on my Youtube Dehydrating videos! I’ve made another one for you this week on how I dehydrate ground beef in order to save money and space in my freezer! Dehydrated ground beef is shelf stable and rehydrates like a charm (I can’t tell the difference!).

Be sure and watch until the end to see what my ground beef looks like once it is rehydrated! Links to products I use in the video are below.

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Dehydrating is a wonderful way to preserve ground beef while leaving your freezer space free!

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**I am using an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator with a timer. You can read more about it by clicking here.

**The dehydrator fruit leather sheets I use (on the bottom, to catch the tiny bits) can be purchased at 9 for around $10 by clicking here.

**To vacuum seal my mason jars, I use a Foodsaver (Click here for the one I have) with a Wide Mouth Mason Jar attachment. I’ll do a video on both of those soon.

To see the Excalibur dehydrator I currently use, click here.  For a complete collection of dehydrators offered by Amazon, click here.

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  1. I was able to get ground beef for $1.98 a pound. It had a higher fat content but I rinsed it very good. I am vacuum sealing mine because canning jars are hard to get. It’s my first time doing it. I hope it turns out great. Thanks for your video.

  2. I cook the ground beef I’m going to dehydrate by simmering it. I drain off the stock/fat after cooking the beef and reserve it for use in soups, gravies, or for a treat added to dry dogfood when I’m feeding my dogs.
    I freeze the stock and then thaw it as needed.
    With this method, while it takes a while longer to dehydrate, I can buy the cheaper higher fat burger and don’t have worry about the fat (which seems to be on sale more often). The burger tastes fine and I get the benefit of also making stock.
    –I’ve found that I get a better product when I’m dehydrating chicken if I cook it by simmering first also.

  3. Hi and thanks for the wonderful videos! Just a quick question as I don’t have a vacuum sealer would the beef be ok in a jar with just a oxygen absorber pad? I really can’t wait to give dehydrating mince a go 🙂

  4. I am 72 years old and because of my youngest daughter (who wants to be self sufficient) I am getting into dehydrating, big-time gardening, chickens and next milk goats. What fun! I wish you would put your videos in recipe form so they can be printed. If you have, I apologize. I am computer illiterate. Thanks for all the preparedness ideas and recipes. I feel this is something that is needed and dehydrating is an excellent alternative to freezing in case the electricity is down. Again, if the recipes can be printed I apologize. Please continue the ideas.

    1. I also am going the self sufficient way with my daughter and relearning so much my parents learned from my grandparents in Wisconsin. I am in FL now and have a whole new adventure with self suffiency in a totally different climate. I am so happy to have discovered southern This is our first year trying to raise enough food here to be self sufficient.

  5. after watching your videos on dehydrating vegetables, I bought an Excalibur, and I am trying beef jerky, my husband said that had to be the first thing. Enjoy your videos and will make all of the food items, and look forward to more ideas !! Thanks

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