What Is A Charcuterie Board?

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Howdy y’all!  Are you ready to find out what is a Charcuterie Board and how you can set it up?

Well then, here you go…

My friend Christine Marie were thinking about what fun and interesting things Southern Plate could do for you and since Christine Marie has a knack for making a meat and cheese platter look AMAZIN’ we decided to create and share a series of videos with you.

Here is our first video in our Charcuterie Board Series:

What Is a A Charcuterie Board?

You will also see examples of what is on a charcuterie board as well to give you some ideas about what you could do with your board or platter.

Christine Marie gives us THREE important points to keep in mind while creating your own design.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat.  You are in for an interesting video to help you impress your friends and family. 


 You may also like our next video in our Charcuterie Board series from Southern Plate:  How To Create A Charcuterie Board on a Budget.

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