How To Create A Charcuterie Board On A Budget

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Welcome Back y’all!  

This is the second video in Southern Plate’s video series sharing with you the little known secrets about putting together these boards and how to make the pop!  

But if you ever looked at the size of these boards some of them can get quite expensive, BUT we have a solution for you.  

Christine Marie shares what she put together to create this board for under 20.00.  You can share this will your family and friends and they will think you are not just an amazing cook but a gifted artisian as well.  She will also show you how she arranges the board and reminds you of the 3 Most Important Elements To Keep In Mind when creating your Charcuterie Board design.

I hope you enjoy this Charcuterie Board on A Budget.

You may also like our video What Is A Charcuterie Board that introduces you to some general design elements as well.


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