Wocket in My Pocket – Story Video

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  1. Ok, I’ve just come onto your website and I’ve read through your SP site some and now I’ve read through some of your LIB. I have to say, I love you. I think you are so sweet. I just held my daughter who is four with Special needs in my lap while you read this book and she was tickled to death. Thank you for sharing. Michelle

  2. wonderful read can’t wait for my neice to come and listen you read thanks for all you do Betty

  3. I don’t know who was more excited to find you reading Wocket in My Pocket and Green Eggs and Ham today, the kids or myself. We moved right after Christmas to Ohio from Georgia and many of our books are still packed (renting until we can sell our home South). All of our Dr. Seuss books are packed and the library’s were all checked out. I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to hear a Southern voice reading the books I had been searching for! We made our cupcakes in colored cones and tonight’s meal is green eggs and ham. All taste much better after having read/heard the story- especially with a Southern drawl!!!! Thanks for saving the day!! Mary Louise (7yrs) says she has had her pretend name picked out for so long: Rebecca Rose Waters and Forrest (5yrs) says his is Andy Sank.
    After we listened the first time together, Forrest sat at the computer and replayed the Wocket story 3 more times and everytime he waved to you.

  4. Just love how Southern Plate has something for everybody, ‘Crissy Lissy’! You know…I think that could work for ya!

  5. Katie just said her pin name is going to be KLou. She said yours should be Crissy Lissy. The kids enjoyed watching you reach “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.” Thank you so much. Beth

  6. Very cute story. I like the pseudonym part. I remember being in grammar school and having to write a report and use a pseudonym. My pseudonym name then was Eliza Pickle. So funny that about 45 years later I still remember that name.

  7. Olivia will be so excited to see a new book! We have had to listen to all 4 stories every night this past week……even my son has crept in to watch with us 🙂

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