You confuse people, and that’s not a bad thing.

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After I tie up some loose ends today, I’ll be heading out to a Southern Blogger Retreat. I’ll be speaking on how to deal with online negativity and attacks by what we refer to as “trolls”.

The term “troll” is one we use to call a person who seeks to case derision, upset, chaos, and general problems across the board. Did you know there are people who actively seek to do this? Crazy to think about, isn’t it? If you are reading this thinking “But why?” then I have good news – you are not one of them! I often have bloggers come to me when this happens to them and ask why the troll did it, expressing that they just don’t understand what would motivate someone to behave that way and I always tell them “You can’t understand that, because you are not like that and this is something you wouldn’t do.”

But you know what? The flipside is also true. When you are a good hearted person who seeks to help others, when you love and put your family first, when you do any number of things that you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do, people who don’t live their lives the way you do look at you and say “Why? Why would they do that?”.

Why would you work so hard for so little when there are other ways to “get” money? Why would you sacrifice something you’d like to have now just because you are saving for something twenty years down the road? Why would you give up your hard earned vacation to take your kid to a competition they want to participate in even though it’s not something you enjoy? Why would you put the happiness of others before yourself and how could that possibly bring joy to you? The questions are endless.

There are so many things that you do in your life which seem commonsense to you but baffle the mess out of many people watching.

Keep doing them.

If they don’t understand, let them watch in stunned confusion. Let them see the end results. Let them see the joy, contentment, fulfillment.

Let them see that there is a greater and deeper meaning to life than just living on the surface of things.

Let them see ancient wisdom working in ways that human reasoning cannot explain.

We are often confused by some people and the world around us.

Live in such a way that they are just as confused by us.

And if anyone asks you “Why?”, tell them.
John 8:12


  1. I used to be mad at these people and then one day it hit me that they to be hurting inside to behave in this way. Now I pause, pray for them and get on with my day.

  2. The main reason I follow you, Christy, is not your fine recipes (which I love) or anything other than the fact that you are a truly good person. Your faith shines through and you lift me up, even when I am not down! I feel sorry for the “meanies” of this world. And here’s what I told a friend of mine one day when they just could not understand why they could not help someone no matter how hard they tried to … There are some people that God himself could not please, what makes you think you can? :o) Continue on shining your light, Christy!!

  3. As usual, your post stories reveal the answer to struggles I am having. I’m sure they do for so many people. I love the way that God is using you to help so many of us on our journey through this life. You are wise beyond your years and you most definitely are a willing instrument of the Lord! Bless you!!

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